Survey of Interest in Teaching and Learning Opportunities 

Would you be interested in IVCC having regular, ongoing training opportunities for you to enhance your knowledge of teaching and learning?  

Would you participate in at least one 8-week module a year? 

If you wanted to participate, which sort of course configuration would work best for you?

Meet one hour each week for 8 weeks:    Prefered Time:  

Meet two hours per week for 4 weeks:    Prefered Time: 

Would some sort of blended format, where instructors could meet face-to-face for at least 2 of the sessions and online for the others be a preferable option?

Would you consider meeting in the evening or on the weekend?  

Developing effective syllabi and rubrics: 

Universal Design for Instruction (creating classrooms that are proactively accommodating for all students so individualized accommodations are less needed): 

K-12 educational trends (so we can better understand where our students are coming from, literally):