Basic Computer Skills Self-Assessment


Can you enter text at 20 words per minute?  

Can you apply basic key functions: space bar, return/enter,  shift, arrows, delete, backspace, tab? 


Can you point, click, double-click and select text with a mouse?

Can you scroll with the mouse or keyboard?


Can you differentiate between mouse pointer, insertion point, I-beam and hand pointer?


Computer Concepts

Can you turn on a computer?

Can you exit an application?

Can you shutdown the computer properly?

Do you understand the impact of computers in today's society?

Can you navigate toolbars, windows, menus, submenus, tabs and dialog boxes?

Can you insert and eject removable storage media, such as a CD, USB or flash drive?

Can you identify components of Windows environment with correct terminology?

Can you resize windows with minimize, restore and maximize?

Can you differentiate between operating system software and application software?

Can you run more than one program simultaneously and navigate between multiple open windows?

Can you print multiple copies of a document?

Can you identify file types associated with Office 2007, doc vs.. docx?

File Management

Can you create and open a file?

Can you save a file with a meaningful name to a specific location?

Can you use save as to create a copy of a file?

Can you use folders to mange your files?

Can you create a folder with a meaningful name?


Can you launch a browser to access the Internet?

Can you locate a website with the URL?

Can you use a browser's navigation tools to go back, forward, refresh and to a homepage?

Can you find information using search engines?

Can you differentiate between search engines, directories and meta search engines?

Can you download and save files such as documents, graphics or PDFs from the Internet?

Can you download and install software, plug-ins or applets from the Internet?

Can you manage online annoyances such as pop-up windows, spam, cookies, adware, spyware and viruses?


Can you change the password?

Can you read messages?

Can you compose and send messages?

Can you delete and print messages?

Can you reply to and forward messages?

Can you send an attachment with an email?

Can you detach files and save to a specific location?

Can you describe email etiquette?


Copyright 2009 Michelle Story