Forensic Specialist Program

Join IVCC in this ground breaking program.

Forensic Specialist Associates Degree
Forensic Specialist Certificate 

Degree/Certificate: IVCC offers an Associates degree and a certificate program as a Forensic Specialist. This is the only program of its kind in the state.

Career opportunities: The American Association of Forensic Scientists predict excellent career opportunities within the field of forensic science.

Contact Counseling: In order to obtain placement in this program, contact the IVCC counseling office for more information at (815) 224-0360 or (815) 224-0361.

Location: The forensic specialist program is operated within the criminal justice program at IVCC. Both programs are found within the Natural Science and Business division.



  • FRS 1000: Introduction to Forensic Science
  • FRS 2010: Basic Principles of Forensic Documentation and Communication
  • FRS 2030: Trace Evidence Analysis
  • FRS 2040: Forensic Photography
  • FRS 2050: Crime Scene Analysis
  • FRS 2280: Forensic Specialist Internship
  • FRS 2290: Forensic Specialist Internship Seminar

The Forensic Specialist program at IVCC was developed to prepare people in Illinois for a career as public service employees in the various areas of law enforcement or related fields. Students enrolled in this program will be introduced to techniques, processes, and the conceptual skills necessary for a career in forensics.

Forensic specialists can work in a variety of areas, such as crime scene investigators, crime scene photographers, identification technicians, latent print examiners, and police specialist among others. The degree program will also allow those already employed in the field to move into supervisory level positions more quickly.