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Sheri Mitchum

Job Title: Personal Computing/Audio-Visual Specialist
Office: C-114

Phone: (815) 224-0531


About Me

I began my journey at IVCC in April 2001 when I entered the dislocated worker program enabling me to further my education. In August I joined the Learning Technologies department as the Site Facilitator supporting both the Marquette High School extension site classes and main campus ITV activities. I have held several positions from Distance Learning Assistant to Library Technician to Help Desk Manager as well as completing my internship upgrading and networking the Graphic Arts (Mac) lab.

I have also taught part-time at IVCC: Microsoft Office I (02/FA) and  Help Desk/User Support (07/SP thru 10/SP).

I have a cumulative 18 years of training experience:  new employees and cross-training existing employees in fulfillment processes, healthcare sales & marketing, and information technologies in both corporate and education.

What Do I Do At IVCC?

I have held the Personal Computing/Audio-Visual Specialist position for just over a year now. My responsibilities include preventative maintenance of AV equipment in classrooms as well as assisting with troubleshooting and installation of software and hardware in offices and student labs. As many of you know, Todd Stash has held the Help Desk Specialist position in LT; and Amber Hodge the Technology Support Specialist in ITS for about a year now. Some of my old responsibilities as Help Desk Manager have been split between these two positions.

  • Campus Software license and maintenance coordinator (Amber)
  • Campus computer and peripheral procurement coordinator (Todd)
  • Database Administrator for Service Desk & Incident Management (Todd)
  • Program Administrator for MSDN-AA, 2007-Present (Amber)
  • Database Administrator for Accutrack - Attendance & Activity system (Todd)
  • installations of approved software (Todd)
  • equipment reservations, checkout, and delivery (Todd)  


  • IAITAM - International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers
  • HDI - Help Desk Institute
  • HDI Illini - Central Illini - Local HDI Chapter network


In 2005 I joined the IVCC Team for the United Way Labor of Love project. In 2006 I took over as team coordinator. If you are interested in joining the team the event is held the Saturday after Labor Day, annually. Typically we will arrive at the beneficiary's home around 8:30am and work until the projects are completed. In most cases we are done in the early afternoon.


  • Completion of AFDA (Adjunct Faculty Development Academy), 2009
  • Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM), 2009

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the set of business practices that support the use of software within an organization. Software Asset Managers are major contributors to organizational goals such as reducing risk, increasing accountability, uncovering savings and gaining control of the organization’s electronic computerized processes.

  • Faculty Summer Institute (FSI) - Multiculturalism, 2009
  • CAT (Classroom Assessment Techniques), 2008
  • FSI - Technology, 2007-2009
  • FSI - Working Connections, 2005 & 2007
  • Certificate in Leadership, 2006
  • Graduated IVCC Magna Cum Laude 2003
    • Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) - Computer Network Administration, 2003
    • AAS - Microcomputers and Office Technology, 2003


  • I have a lab-mix dog, Harley and tabby-mix cat, Charlie - they are my babies.
  • I love nature - gardening, kayaking, walking, hiking, and biking.
  • I enjoy crafts, scrap-booking, making cards, and crocheting.
  • I enjoy many genres of music, my most favorite is classic rock.
  • I love shopping for bargains.
  • Summer is my favorite time of year.