Get the Facts - FACTS/Nelnet Tuition Management


Payment Plan Information at a Glance

1. The payment plan is set up online. (If you are receiving partial financial aid you will need to fill out a paper application in person at the cashier office.)

2. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee per semester to set up the plan.

3. All payments are processed from a checking or savings account or charged to a credit card. (Please note that debit cards often have a daily limit on them – use your checking account instead of a debit card.)  Visa, M/C, Disc & AmEx credit cards are accepted.

4. The set up fee and any down payment, if required, will be processed within 24 hours of setting up the agreement.

5. Payments are processed on the 5th of the month.  There is a $30.00 fee for a missed payment.  (Missed payments will automatically be reattempted on the 20th of the month.)

6. Once you have set up a payment plan, you must contact the cashier if you make any changes to your schedule.  (This includes adding/dropping classes.  If you receive financial aid after you have set up an agreement, you must contact us to cancel the plan and apply financial aid to your account.)


What do you need to set up a payment plan?

*  K-Number and password

*  Bank or credit card information.  If using a credit card you will need the card number and expiration date.  If using a checking/savings account you will need the bank name, telephone number, routing number, and account number.  Most of this information is located on your check.

*  Name, address, and email of the responsible party (the person who is the account holder for the checking/savings account, or credit card).


There is no interest or credit check, and anyone is eligible to use the payment plan as long as your balance is $100.00 or more.  Any questions regarding the payment plan can be directed to the Cashier Department at (815) 224-0213.