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Please do not assume your balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added.  You should call the Illinois Valley Community College cashier's office at (815) 224-0213 to request a change.
Any changes you make to your schedule must be reported to the cashier's office immediately so that your account can be updated/terminated.



If you have questions about your agreement with FACTS/Nelnet, please call either:

  • the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier ’s Office at (815) 224-0213,
  • or FACTS/Nelnet Tuition Management Company at (800) 609-8056.

Important!  Call FACTS/Nelnet at (800) 609-8056 to make any changes to your address, phone or banking information.  If you have questions regarding your FACTS/Nelnet agreement please contact FACTS/Nelnet directly or view your agreement online through My FACTS/Nelnet Account.  To access My FACTS/Nelnet Account, follow the instructions located on the FACTS/Nelnet Confirmation Letter or e-mail.  If you have questions regarding your financial aid award or tuition balance, please call the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier's Office at (815) 224-0213.