FALL 2016

August 1
Begin purchasing textbooks
August 12 Final day to register for Fall classes by 4:30pm
August 18 Fall classes begin
August 31 Last day to withdraw for full tuition refund and 10th day attendance verification on Webadvisor by instructor
September 6 CTE registration begins
September 15 Spring classes are established and tentative numbers are reported
October 1 Spring registration forms are sent to schools
October 12
Midterm attendance verification on Webadvisor by instructor
November 1
Begin collecting Spring registration forms
November 7
Final withdrawal date ( "W" will be documented on transcript)
December 5
CTE instructors will report withdraws on Webadvisor
December 12-15
Rental textbooks are to be returned by this date
December 19
Instructor Fall final grades are due on Webadvisor by 10:00am
Fall Dates