Placement Testing

For additional information not listed below, please visit the Assessment Center at www.ivcc.edu/assessment or contact them at (815) 224-0542 

Students that are going to enroll in Dual Credit Math or English courses are required to take the placement test prior to registering for the class. 

Placement tests may be completed in one of three ways:

  1. Placement tests are given at area high schools annually.  Students interested in upcoming Dual Credit Math or English courses (e.g. sophomores, juniors) may participate in this annual testing with permission from the high school principal or designee.
  2. Placement tests may be given as part of the Strategies for College (SFC 1000) curriculum, if the high school sponsors mandatory orientation to college. Students enrolled in the SFC 1000 course will complete the requisite placement tests prior to enrolling in subsequent courses.
  3. Placement tests may be scheduled on the IVCC campus by calling the Assessment Center at (815) 224-0542.

ACT scores can also be used as a determination of placement, see chart below. IVCC will accept ACT scores that are submitted to the admissions office directly from ACT or on an official High School Transcript

English ACT score of 21 or above – Placement into ENG 1001 or ENG 1205

Reading ACT score of 21 or above – Reading at College Level – No reading course required

Math ACT score or 22 or above – Placement into MTH 1000 or MTH 1008

MTH ACT score of 24 or above – Placement into MTH 1003, MTH 1004, MTH 1009, MTH 1010, MTH 1011, MTH 1000 or MTH 1008.

MTH ACT score of 26 or above – Placement into MTH 1005 or MTH 1000, 1008, 1004, 1009, 1010 or 1011.

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