Courses available to offer as Dual Credit* currently include: 

ART 1000-Art Survey I                        

ART 1010-Art Survey II                        

BIO 1000-Global Environment                

BIO 1001-General Biology I                   

BUS 1010-Introduction to Business        

CHM 1004-Chemistry                             

ENG 1001-English Composition I             

ENG 1002-English Composition II            

HIS 1000-Western Civilization  I               

HIS 1001-Western Civilization II              

HIS 2000-US History to 1865                   

HIS 2001-US History since 1865              

MTH 1005-Precalculus                            

MTH 2001-Calculus-Analytic Geometry I

MTH 2002-Calculus-Analytic Geometry II

MUS 1000-Music Appreciation                 

PSI 1000-American National Government  

PSY 1000-General Psychology                  

SOC 1000-Introduction to Sociology         

SPN 1001 Elementary Spanish I                

SPN 1002-Elementary Spanish II             

SPH 1001-Fundamentals of Speech           

SFC 1000-Strategies For College               

*Courses subject to availability and student completion of placement testing or prerequisites.