Common Blackboard Errors

Logging in

Error Message: An error occurred while the system was processing this login request.

Reason: Incorrect username or username not in system.

Error Message: Could not login. Valid authentication credentials were not provided.

Reason: Incorrect password.  User is in system.

Enrolling in Class/Accessing Class

Problem: Class not listed in my course list

Resolution 1: Student can attempt to Self-Enroll. 

Resolution 2: Some courses do not use Blackboard.  Check your instructor's web page or your student email account for more information.

Problem: There is no drop-down menu to enroll in course.

Instructor will enroll student in class.  Online class should appear in your course list on first day of the class.  Teacher will provide further instructions to on-campus students.

Discussion Board

Problem: My cursor will not position in the box to type a response.

Resolution: This is an issue with Firefox.  Using the Chrome browser will eliminate this issue.

Problem: There is no box in which to type my message.

Resolution: This is an issue with Firefox.  Using the Chrome browser will eliminate this issue.

Problem: My teacher can't see my post/My message appears with (draft) following the subject.

Resolution: Using the Save button puts the message in draft mode. Only you can see that. The word 'draft' appears in parentheses to alert you that it has not been submitted. If you click into a Draft message, you can click Modify to complete and submit that message. You do not have to save a message before submitting it.

Problem: When I click into a forum, I see a message No Items Found.

This could mean one of two things:

  1. No threads have been started in this forum.  Select New Thread and start writing.
  2. If you know there has been activity in the forum, then you are viewing your forum in List View and messages are hidden.  You can correct this in one of two ways.
    1. In the upper, right corner of the screen, select List View.  List view allows you to Expand All messages for a complete view of the discussion.
    2. Above the discussion window, on the right of the screen, there is a Display drop-down box.  Select Show All to display messages.

Problem: There are limited formatting tools in the message composition area.

Resolution: Click on the down arrow at the end of the tool bar to expand the tool options.

Downloading Documents

Problem: When trying to download/Save a document, the Save option is greyed out.

Resoulution: Click on the 'Save' option that is greyed out and it will become an available option for you to click on.

Problem:  When trying to download/Save a document, getting the following error message:  Internet explorer cannot download "file name" from Blackboard.ivcc.edu.  Internet Explorer cannot open this internet site.  The requested site is unavailable or cannot be found:

Resolution:  Use a different browser - either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. (google.com/chrome) will workYou can download the browsers for free.


Error message : Cartridge access denied. This course is not currently available. This course is not available for access because This organization was only available for {num} days from the date of enrollment.

Resolution: Contact your instructor.