Taking Tests Online

Before the test

1. Get a test-compatible browser.  Firefox is the recommended browser for test taking. You can download and configure Mozilla Firefox as described in the Browser Requirements & Settings page.

Some courses require Respondus Lockdown Browser which must be downloaded at http://www.respondus.com/lockdown/information.pl?ID=328538650 . For more information about Respondus Lockdown Browser, visit the Respondus Lockdown Browser Student FAQ page.  The College makes this specialized testing browser available to you.  The browser is designed to create a secure testing environment and is anticipated to minimize testing technical issues.  Instructors may require the use of the LDB.  Tests requiring the LDB will so indicate.

2. Check your computer by taking a sample test provided by your instructor or available in the Distance Learning Orientation. 

During the test

1. Only attempt the test on a stable Internet connection.  A wired connection to the Internet is safer than wireless, if you have that option.

3. Close all other applications and browsers, including music applications.

4. Allow the whole test to load before answering the first question.

5. Use buttons within Blackboard to navigate.  Do not use the browser's Back button or Refresh button as it may prematurely submit your test.

6. Use the save button next to each question.  After using the save button on the first question, subsequent questions will auto-save after about 10 seconds. You can change your response and re-save the response.  When tests display one question at a time, the response is automatically saved when you move to the next question.

7. Use the save button next to each question--it's really, really important.  Using the save button keeps your session active so that your session will not time-out before you have completed the test.

8. Some tests are timed.  A count down timer will display alerting you to time remaining.  The timer will not stop until the test is submitted.

9. Even if your test is not timed, sessions time-out if Blackboard doesn't sense activity.  Selecting answers, clicking the save button, clicking the Save All Answers button, or using navigation buttons to move to the next question register activity to keep your session live.  Make sure to click or save save at least every 10 minutes.

10. Before clicking the submit button, verify the last question has auto-saved.  Clicking submit at the same time a question is auto-saving will lock you out of the test.

11. When questions display one at at time, do not double-click the button to go to the next screen.  Use a single click.  

12. Use the submit button at the bottom of the test to submit your test.  Saving does not submit your test.Hit the submit button only once and wait for a confirmation that the test is submitted.