Alternate Proctoring Arrangements

If you are able to travel to campus or at the Ottawa Center, you may Schedule your testing appointment online.

Students living outside of the IVCC district may request proctoring services from qualified organizations.  Requests for proctored tests and the individual proctor must be approved by Illinois Valley Community College. IVCC reserves the right to contact your requested proctor and to reject requests for a specific proctor for any reason.

Outside of the state, a proctor can be a faculty member, administrator, or other professional staff member of a school, college or library, an employee of a commercial testing center, an educational counselor, or a library staff member.

Proctors must agree to:

  • Monitor test taking in a professional environment.

  • Verify student identity, requiring photo identification card.
  • Return tests via USPS in provided envelope.

  • Assure that the student does not leave the approved site with the the test instrument, whether original or duplicated.

  • Answer questions about test taking procedures, but not about the test content.

The Proctor Approval Form may be submitted to

Department of Learning Technologies
Illinois Valley Community College
815 N. Orlando Smith Avenue
Oglesby, IL  61348

Printable Proctor Approval Form in PDF format requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Students are responsible for payment of all charges accrued through use of a testing center or campus service.

Tests will be sent directly to the proctor along with instructions for the proctor. 

Students are not permitted to leave the testing area until the test has been completed and both the student and your proctor are required to sign the verification form sent with the test(s).