Distance Learning Orientation Welcome

Students taking their first online class at IVCC are required to enroll in CSP-0002.

If your session is on campus, please report to the room listed on your schedule.  Your session will take 90 minutes.  Please bring your IVCC student ID and/or your class schedule.  

If your session is online, you will need to follow these instructions.

Once enrolled in the online orientation, you will be given access to the orientation materials through the Blackboard Learning System. This page conveys information you will need to access and complete the orientation.

  1. On a computer connected to the Internet, go to http://ivcc.blackboard.com
  2. Login following the instructions on the screen. The username is your K-number. Your password is your 7-digit student number, unless  unless you have already used the Blackboard system and have changed your password.    Find more information about usernames and passwords on the Student Help Desk web page.
  3. After Logging in, a link to the orientation will display in your My Courses list. Click on the link to your orientation.
  4. Read the announcement section, which tells you how to begin the orientation, and directs you to additional sources of help for using Blackboard.

You must complete this orientation or you will be dropped from your online course.

The orientation is arranged in three modules. A frequently asked questions page can answer more questions about the orientations.

Work can be completed in one sitting or you may elect to work on it in chunks. It is your choice. Most students report taking 45 - 90 minutes to complete the orientation.

This requirement has been in place since Fall 2007.