Distance Learning Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

The distance learning orientation is designed to prepare students for learning online and blended classes.  The orientation can be taken online or in a traditional classroom setting.

Who has to take the orientation?

Online students are require to participate in an orientation session.  Students who do not complete the orientation will be dropped from their online course. 

Students do not need to take the orientation every semester.

When are orientation sessions offered?

See the section listing for CSP-0002 Orientation to Distance Learning.

How do I access the online version of the orientation?

Instructions for starting online version of orientation

What is covered in the orientation session?

Getting Started

  • Tuition and financial assistance
  • How to obtain textbooks and other course materials
  • Student ID requirements
  • How to contact your instructor

Preparing for Success

  • Personal characteristics
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Technical Skills
  • Student Expectations

Making Progress

  • Schedules and Assignments
  • Testing and Testing Services
  • What to do if you experience a set back

What is the online version of the orientation like?

The orientation is arranged in three modules.

The assignments include reading, online quizzes, online discussion, and exercises to teach you how check your grades and use other features of online course tools.

Work can be completed in one sitting or you may elect to work on it in chunks. It is your choice.

How long is the orientation?

On-campus sessions take about 90 minutes (plus your driving time).

Online sessions can be completed in 1-2 hours, and need not be completed in one sitting.

What is the deadline for completing the orientation?

The orientation should be completed by the first day of class.  Students who do not complete the orientation will be dropped from their online course.

How do I begin the orientation?

If your session is on campus, please report to the room listed on your schedule. 

If your session is online, students will receive instructions in the mail and via student email.  Instructions are also available online.

How will I know when I'm done with the online orientation?

You will be able to see all of your grades and your final score in the online grade book.  You must attempt all of the assignments and earn a score of at least 40 points.

Why don't I see my grade for the discussion question or the file exchange assignment?

These assignments are manually graded by the Learning Technologies staff.  You should see your grade by the next working day.