Getting Started with Online Classes

You are enrolled in an online course.  Now what?  This notice will supply you with some information to get you started with your course.  Even if you have taken an online course before, we urge you to read carefully.  Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Be certain to purchase the materials for the online section of the course.  Your schedule lists the course number and section (like PSY 1000-100).  You may also purchase your textbooks online at http://www.ivccbookstore.com/.
  2. If this is  your first online course, you are required to participate in an orientation session.If you do not complete the orientation by the start date of your online classes, you will be dropped from your online courses.  If you previously participated in an orientation AND successfully completed an IVCC online course, you will not be required to take the orientation again, and therefore were not asked to register for an orientation when you registered for your online class.  If your schedule lists an orientation session, you must attend.  Orientations can be completed online or on-campus.  See  http://www.ivcc.edu/dl for more information.
  3. Visit your online instructor’s Web page.  There you will find more information about your online course.  The instructor’s Web page may provide a copy of the syllabus and a welcome letter or introduction to the course. You are expected to review this information by the first day of class.  A list of links to instructor Web pages is available for each semester, linked from http://www.ivcc.edu/dl.
  4. Check your IVCC Email Account. The college provides all students with an IVCC email account.  You are expected to periodically check that account, which is especially important for online students.  You can access your email account and find instructions at http://www.ivcc.edu/myivcc.
  5. Log into your class the first day of school.  Most online classes use a virtual classroom environment called Blackboard (http://ivcc.blackboard.com).  After logging into Blackboard, click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen.  This will display a list of your courses.  Your course will not be available until the first day of classes.   Instructions for using Blackboard are available at http://www.ivcc.edu/myivcc.  Some courses use other virtual spaces directly related to your textbook, in which case you will find further instructions on your instructor’s Web page or in an email from your instructor.  If you experience any trouble accessing your course by the first day, please email or call  the Learning Technologies office or the Student Help Desk.

    Your Blackboard Login information can be found on the Username and Passwords page.

Illinois Valley Community College is no longer able to enroll out-of-state students in online courses due to a 2010 regulation stemming from the Higher Education Opportunity Act.  The regulation requires that IVCC be licensed in the home states of all students residing outside of Illinois.  The College exists to serve the residents of our district and will channel all resources toward that purpose. 

Questions may be directed to the Department of Learning Technologies

Sue_Mertel@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0451

Emily_Vescogni@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0462