Application, Selection, and Admission For Dental Assisting Program

Letter of Intent (33KB - Word)

Application Procedure

  1. An applicant must file a Letter-of-Intent in the Admissions Office between September 15 and April 1 prior to the Fall Semester in which the applicant expects to enroll in the first Dental Assisting course. (DLA prefix)
  2. No Letters-of-Intent will be accepted prior to the dates listed above. Those received after the cut off date may be considered on a space available basis.


Pre-Evaluation Notification

  1. Status letters will be sent after April 15 to all Fall applicants, advising as to what materials (if any) are needed to complete the admission file.
  2. Status letters will be sent after December 1 to all Spring applicants, advising as to what materials (if any) are needed to complete the admission file.
  3. Applicants will be given two weeks to submit any and all required materials.
  4. All materials applicable to an applicant's own situation are required:
    a. Official seventh semester transcript (current high school     seniors)
    b. Final official high school transcripts (high school graduates)
    c. Official GED score report
    d. Official transcripts from all colleges attended
            e. Scores from IVCC's Reading and English placement tests

Admission Requirements

  1. All applicants must complete required college placement tests.  (Includes assessment in Reading and English usage) Applicants who, on the basis of their placement tests, are required to remediate a deficiency, must complete the required remedial course prior to taking the first DLA course. (DLA prefix)
  2. Applicants with at least six semester hours of previously earned college credit, must have a minimum cumulative GPA of "C" for all work attempted. GPA's will be recomputed as appropriate.
  3. High School Seniors or graduates with less than six semester hours of college credit must fall in the upper 50% of their high school class or have a cumulative GPA of "C" to be eligible for admission.
  4. Applicants who hold the High School Equivalency certificate based upon the test of General Educational Development (GED) must place in the upper 50 percentile for the average score for the GED tests.
  5. Applicants who upon applying for admission are evaluated as not meeting admission requirements, may become eligible when their cumulative GPA becomes a "C" (2.0). Suggested courses to take are ENG 1204, ENG 1205, BIO 1200, and PSY 1000.


Written Response of Accepted Students

  1. Applicants accepted into the program must respond in writing within two weeks of the date of the acceptance letter, indicating that they accept their place in the program and intend to proceed with registration.
  2. Applicants not responding to the acceptance letter in the proper time frame will be dropped from the acceptance list and their place reassigned.