Thank You Letter Tips


  • Send a thank you to each person who interviewed you.  For this purpose, ask for a business card from each so that you have the correct titles and spelling of their names.


  • Tailor the letter as much as possible to the interview.  Refer back to something that may help them remember which candidate you are.


  • Be brief.  No more than one page.


  • Mail the note by the next day after the interview.


  • Use paper that matches your resume.


  • Consider using the letterhead that matches the one on your resume.


  • Use a word processor and the same font you used for the resume.  A hand written note is acceptable if it is written neatly and legibly.


  • Make it error free and ask someone to proofread it.


  • As with all job search documents, documents that are not folded, result in a better impression.  Use large envelopes or envelopes that match the resume paper.


  • Enclose a page of references if they were requested of you by the interviewer.


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