Creating Your Thank You Letter


Ask yourself the following questions before you begin your thank you letter…

  • What does the prospective employer need?

What information did you pick up from the interview that increased your knowledge of what type of employee with what types of skills the employer is looking for? 

  • What are your objectives?

Do you really want the position you interviewed for?  Are you looking to make a good impression for future openings?  Did the interview go less smoothly than you had hoped and this is your attempt at a second chance? 

  • What are three to five qualities that you would bring to this employer or this job?

Think of which skills, knowledge or abilities the employer mentioned in the interview or which of your qualities the interviewer keyed in on.  Think of a way you can work them into the body of your thank you letter. 

  • How can you match your experience to the job?

What did you remember to say only after you left the interview?  What are two specific accomplishments relative to the job that you can mention to draw a correlation between your abilities and the job’s requirements? 

  • Why do you want to work for this particular organization or person?

What did you learn about them?  What is it about their products or services, philosophy, mission, organizational culture, goals and needs that relates to your own background values and objectives?


Once these five questions have been answered, you are ready to begin creating your thank you letter!


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