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Job Title: Sales Assistant at Grand Bear Location

Expires: 08/04/2017

Job ID: 5111221
School Job ID: IVCC
Job Title: Sales Assistant at Grand Bear Location

Company: Annies Little Pots
Job Type: Part Time

Degrees Wanted: None Required

Location: Utica, IL 61373

Salary: see job description

Job Description: Job Location: Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort and Water-park - Annies Little Pots Paint Your Own Pottery Studio is located adjacent to the front desk of the resort. Job Description: Assist customers with painting their own pottery experience in either glaze or acrylic paints. Calculate bill for pottery. Calculate separate bill for shipping. Assist with inventory needs, pricing, displaying. Care for cleanliness of studio and supplies. At times, job may require transportation of pottery to and from Princeton store location where glaze items are fired in kiln. Mileage is paid for those instances. Requirements: 1) Must easily be social with adults and children and enjoy having fun with our customers. 2) Must have a service mentality to be able to assist in all aspects the customer may need help with in painting their pottery. 3) Must have a positive attitude and listen well. 4) Creativity and a love of art is a must. 5) Be flexible with co-workers to cover all shifts required. 6) Must be able to add and multiply using an adding machine proficiently. 7) Must be able to calculate shipping by weighing and using zone book for shipping prices if not priority mail flat rate box. 8) High-school graduate; current IVCC student may be an advantage due to location. 9) Must be able to carry water buckets (approx. 15 lbs. ea.) to and from clean up area. 10) Appreciate the fact that the studio is in operation due to invitation by our host, Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort and champion not only for Annies Little Pots, but for the resort as well. 11) Must be self-motivated and disciplined with your time on the job. 12) Possess a valid driver's license. Availability: Training in early July by working partial shifts to full shifts with established employees, Mid July, begin solo days or solo split shifts More permanent position beginning August when school resumes Starting Pay: $8.25/hour first 30 days. $9.00/hour if all works out after 30 days!

Job Requirements: Thursday - Saturday: Noon - 8 pm Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm (the hours will end one hour earlier if no painters are seated at that time) Fall and Winter Hours: At this time, we may shorten the hours or keep the same. (later start time would be the adjustment)

Application Instructions:
Please email resume including your availability for hours stated below to: annieslittlepots@gmail.com Subject Line: "Apply for position at Grand Bear Location"

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