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Job Title: School Bus Diesel Mechanic

Expires: 10/12/2016

Job ID: 4698842
School Job ID: ivcc - misc

Company: Bureau Valley Schools #340 
Company Description: Bureau Valley Schools own and operate 35 buses and 7 support vehicles. We have two full time mechanics and 37 driver employees. Our facility includes fully equipped maintenance bays to include all tools and all computer test programs. We complete a full range of activities to include engine overhaul, routine and preventive maintenance, all electrical systems, and transmissions.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Target:
Maintenance and Repair - Motor Vehicles; Transportation - Land (Auto/Bus/Truck)
Manlius, IL 61338

Salary: $19.00/hr min.

Job Description: Bureau Valley has a current and immediate opening. We will provide training opportunities to expand knowledge and expertise in school bus specific functions. Our employees work a 40 hour work schedule Monday-Friday with benefits: medical insurance, paid holidays, vacation, retirement plan, and others.

Application Instructions: To apply please contact Thomas E. Mott, Transportation Director at 815-445-2161 or send resume to Thomas E. Mott, Transportation Director Bureau Valley Schools #340 9198 2125 North Ave., PO Box 289 Manlius Illinois 61338.
Contact: Thomas E. Mott
Address: 2125 North Ave. PO Box 289, Manlius, IL 61338

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