Walt Disney World College Program

Walt Disney World Recruits Online !

Walt Disney World will not be recruiting on IVCC’s campus, but rather has established online access to their e-presentation.  Continue to learn more about the Walt Disney World College Program............

Who is eligible to apply?

Walt Disney World looks for students to fill various roles in their programs at their Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  Students who are eligible to apply must be enrolled in a college program, must have completed at least one semester, and need to be in good academic standing (2.0 or higher). All majors are considered for the program, including those students enrolled in occupational programs.

Where can I find presentation information?

Informative Walt Disney World presentations are no longer offered at IVCC, so the opportunity to attend a presentation at one of many Illinois colleges and universities is an option.  These informational and interactive presentations are open to everyone and are usually scheduled for one hour. Students who are interested in learning more about a Disney internship and interviewing with them are required to attend one of the presentations.

Be sure to write down the location of the presentation you'll be attending--you'll need to fill in this information on your application. Applications will be available at the formal presentations or may be completed online at www.wdwcollegeprogram.com   Interviews are usually held on-campus immediately following the presentation. In addition, WDW recruiters often staff an information table prior to the presentations.

Where can I find additional information?

It is extremely important that you visit the website at www.wdwcollegeprogram.com and review all of the information that is presented.  The IVCC WDW student enrollment/recruitment is coordinated by Career Services.  Please direct all inquiries to Susan Monroe at (815) 224-0214, or e-mail at susan_monroe@ivcc.edu.