Organization and Accuracy

Your resume must be:

Well organized - Take the time that is needed to prepare your resume. Resume writing is a process. Think of resume writing as similar to a research project wherein you do a self-analysis (research), a first draft, and then a final draft. Be sure that the final draft of your resume is something that you are proud of and that your strengths, skills and experiences are evident.

Factual - All information on your resume must be true and accurate. Be sure to list all jobs, regardless of the reasons you may have had for leaving that position. Additionally, be sure that you list your work experience, duties and responsibilities without understating or overstating your qualifications

Free from errors - It is imperative that your resume is free from errors. Use the "spell check" function on your word processing program. Review all details of the information to be sure that proper names are spelled correctly. Check grammar and punctuation. When your final draft of your resume is prepared, have an instructor, staff person, or an objective friend review the resume for content and accuracy.

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