Layout and Quality

Easy to read -- Take a look at how the resume fits on the paper. Does the information in the resume flow from the most important information relevant to the employer first, with the least relevant information to the employer last? Is it easy to read? Does your resume have enough "white space" meaning that the margins at all sides of the resume are kept to a one inch minimum, with adequate spacing between items?

Paper weight -- A heavier paper known as "bond" paper is preferable for your resume. You can find resume paper in college bookstores, office supply stores, and even local discount stores. Generally this paper is sold pre-packaged and packages of envelopes in matching colors are available as well. In some office supply stores resume paper can be purchased "by the sheet." The weight of the paper should be 24 lb. or 28 lb. Acceptable paper colors for resumes are white as well as other light colors including ivory, cream, tan, beige, or light gray. Matching envelopes are an added professional touch.

Print quality -- It is preferable that your resume is prepared on a word processor or type set. Laser quality printing is almost a "must" for your resume. If you have one original of a laser quality printed resume, you can take that original to a printing service and have the resume duplicated onto resume paper.

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