Resume Types and SamplesĀ 

The content of a resume can be organized in different ways. Two different types of organization are the chronological resume and the functional resume, defined as follows:

  • CHRONOLOGICAL In this resume, jobs are listed in time order with the most recent job listed first. The duties and responsibilities acquired in each job are listed below the job title, employer name, and dates, either in paragraph or bullet form. This is a good format for the person who has had a consistent and uninterrupted work history and whose recent experience is the most relative to the job objective, and the position for which they are applying.
  • FUNCTIONAL In this resume, the main emphasis is on the skills that have been acquired in a variety of settings, (work, school, volunteer). Skills are grouped together by categories such as "communication skills", "teaching skills", "office skills", "administrative skills", "computer skills" or "organizational skills".

This type of resume is good for career changers, inexperienced job seekers, and those who have a large gap in their work history. When using this format, your work history is still reported in a separate heading/section of the resume, but the skills are not listed under each job since that has been accomplished by the skill categories.

Chronological Resume Sample (PDF)
Funtional Resume Sample (PDF)
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