Etiquette Dinner 

Career Services held our fourth annual Etiquette Dinner for Students in March 2010 at Uptown Grill, LaSalle, IL. Seating was limited and advanced registration with payment of $15.00 was required for this event. Students registered at the Career Services office, located in the main building, E-Link area.

Not all interviews take place from behind a desk. Students learned rules of etiquette that will impress potential employers, dates, family and friends. During this informative and fun evening at a local restaurant, our presenter showed and described proper use of eating utensils, topics of conversation to avoid at the dinner table, how to handle awkward foods and other dining etiquette and interviewing tips.

This is what some students had to say about our Etiquette Dinner in 2010: 

  • I definitely would like to come again next year and get some friends to come too! 
  • The experience and kowledge gained was worth the cost. It was beautiful. 
  • The whole dinner was very informative. I hope you keep doing this. 

This is what some faculty and employers had to say about our Etiquette Dinner in 2010: 

  • All of it was beneficial, truly! What a great job!
  • The information from this event will help me be comfortable concentrating on the interview instead of the lunch/dinner. 
  • Great class of students! Good job overall. 

The responses were too numerous to list. Read more Etiquette Dinner Testimonialsfrom 2010. Read Etiquette Dinner Testimonials from 2009andEtiquette Dinner Testimonials from 2007 and 2008.

And when asked if they if they would recommend this event to other students (or faculty), each response was …..... YES ........ again !!

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