Sample Thank You Letter


1454 Mytown Street
Mytown, OH 84736

September 10, 2004

Mr. Alan West
Pleasant Valley Community College
500001 South High Street
Mytown, OH 84736

Dear Mr. West:

I very much enjoyed meeting with you yesterday and having the opportunity to tour Pleasant Valley Community College. Thank you for taking the time to show me around your campus. I enjoyed learning about the many programs of study offered by your college and feel that I would make an excellent addition to your Admissions staff.

In addition to the qualifications highlighted on my resume, which matched so closely with the requirements for the position of Admissions Clerk, I was pleased to learn that I would also be able to apply my talents in the area of teaching ESL for your Adult Education department.

I am very interested in this position and would be more than happy to supply you with additional information or return for a second interview.

I can be reached during daytime hours at 984-575-3947.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Kate Morrow


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