Thank You Letter FAQ

What is a thank you letter?

A thank you letter is a follow-up step to an informal or formal interview that offers you the chance to establish good will and set you apart from other candidates.  It is one of the most important steps in the job search as it keeps the candidates name in the forefront of the employer’s mind.  This is especially true when several candidates are interviewed over a few days' time span.

Why use a thank you letter?

Resumes look pretty much the same, so a thank you note can set you apart and do wonders for your profile.  I appreciate thank you notes, don’t you?  And, a well-written, well-timed thank you letter could land you a second interview and give you a second chance in case you did not interview well.

What should a thank you letter include?

  • Name the job you interviewed for and the date of the interview.
  • Help the interviewer to remember who you are.  Bring up something positive that happened or was said in the interview.  Make it personal.
  • Show your strong interest in the job.  Be enthusiastic
  • Did you forget to add something at the interview and only remembered it after you left the building?  Do you have qualifications you did not mention to the interviewer about?  Do it now.
  • Sell yourself.  Work on what you know to be the employer’s needs.  Tell the interviewer of your ability to answer these needs.
  • Offer to give more information and to come in for another interview.
  • Thank the interviewer for the interview, for their time, and/or for considering you for the position.

Use plain white paper or paper that matches your resume and cover letter.  Use the same letterhead you created for your resume.  Type it or write it in black ink.  It should have a neat and clean appearance.  There should be no mistakes in spelling, grammar or punctuation. As with all of your documents, have someone read it to check for errors before you mail it.

The basic rule of thumb is that each interviewer gets a thank you letter which should be sent within 24 hours.  If that is not possible, send the thank you to the highest ranking interviewer and ask that your appreciation be passed along to the others.  A good idea is to collect business cards from each interviewer so that you have their correct position, job title and spelling of their name, etc.


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