Cover Letter Tips

  • Tailor your letter to target the reader, industry, and job opening.
  • Write to a specific person using his/her title.
  • Research the company thoroughly.
  • Communicate your capabilities in ways that describe how you will meet the needs specified in the job description.
  • Always refer to the accomplishments on your resume that relate to the immediate benefits that you can contribute to this employer.
  • Use action words to relate your accomplishments.
  • Use proper spelling and grammatically correct sentences.
  • Make sure the letter is well organized and carefully worded.
  • Use appropriate language.  Avoid the use of clichés, slang, contractions or contradictions.
  • Emphasize concrete reasons why the employer should be interested in you and avoid flowery phrases describing growth, challenge, advancement, etc.
  • Avoid sounding desperate.  You want the employer to know that you are interested in a particular job, but not that you cannot live without it.
  • Be honest and sincere; try to give an impression of modest confidence.
  • Avoid using the personal pronoun "I".
  • Create your letter on a computer.  Using a professional business style.
  • Proofread and sign your letter.  Typographical errors are not acceptable.

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