Career Development Keynote Series

In fall of 2009, to kick-off our new series of Career Development Workshops, Keynote Speaker Lee Ann Piano of Note Worthy Training, presented career and success focused topics at our November through February workshops. The listing below contains Lee Ann's description for each Special Topic that was presented:

Success in the Workplace

In this presentation you will learn ways to enjoy the journey many have come to despise. You will learn how to enjoy the process of growing, changing, and succeeding. Learn the principles that will help you become indispensable to your organization.

You will learn the importance of:

• Loving what you do   • Performing at your best    • Adopting a willing attitude

• Taking responsibility • Communication effectively  • Joining the team

• Overcoming obstacles

Vision Driven

Do you know the # 1 reason that stops people from getting what they want? It’s lack of focus. People who focus – have a clear vision of what they want, succeed!
And those who don’t, struggle.

In this presentation you will discover the specific focusing strategies used by the world’s most successful men and women. You will learn how to:

• Focus on your strengths and eliminate everything that is holding you back.

• Change “bad” habits into habits that will make you more effective and productive.

• Create a vision for your life and learn the secrets to set and achieve the goals to get there.

Winning with People

Many people focus on other talents and abilities first- such as polishing their communication skills or taking courses to expand their base of knowledge- but they forget that good relationships are the foundation for achievement. They are more than just the icing on the cake of life, they are the cake.

Fortunately, you can learn to become a people person and succeed in the things that matter most. You will learn how to:

 Become more effective in your communication and improve your relationships by understanding the 4 personality styles

 Reduce stress and frustration by gaining an understanding of those “hard to handle” people in your life.

 Build your confidence, keep your composure and get instant credibility.

Attitude Accelerators

In this presentation you will learn the powerful keys that can affect every aspect of your life. Your attitude is your personal decision. It is not genetic.  It is a chosen virtue that can compensate for any other thing missing in your life.

You will discover the seven attitude accelerators needed to create the mind-set for life long achievement. The seven attitude accelerators are:

• Passion             • Preparation         • Pursue        • Persevere
• Progress            • Possess             • Prosper

Lee Ann Piano
Note Worthy Training
Oglesby, IL 61348
Cell  630.915.5382
Lee Ann Piano has presented over 400 seminars on Leadership, Team-building, Sales, and Customer Service. She draws from over 20 years experience in professional speaking, sales management, staff training/development and customer service.
Her presentations are fun, fast-paced, and jammed packed with bits of wisdom that create stronger organizations, more dynamic teams, and healthier relationships.  Lee Ann provides the tools, techniques, concepts and ideas that make people more successful both personally and professionally.

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