Purpose of an Internship

The objectives of the internship option within the Criminal Justice Program at Illinois Valley Community College are manifold. Among the most salient are to provide:

1. The opportunity to empirically observe the application of theory within the field of criminal justice.

2. The opportunity to interact with practitioners and to exchange ideas and information concerning the world of work.

3. A capstone to the student's academic experiences.

4. Contacts with the practitioners employed in the student's area of interest.

5. Enhancement of the working knowledge concerning criminal justice which the students has thus far acquired.

While the objectives listed above are but a few of the many which could be listed, it should be self-evident that the advantages of participating in an internship experience outweigh any inconvenience the student might experience.


At the same time, we feel that the participating agency reaps many benefits also. Among those advantages are the following:

1. The opportunity to work with and observe potential employees.

2. The capability to assist in molding the value system of these future criminal justice practitioners.

3. Increased and enhanced communication with the community, the college, and the students.

4. The provision of capable students to reduce the workload of your agency.