Student Responsibilities

Each student chosen to participate in an internship experience will be expected to live up to certain responsibilities.

1. Rules and Regulations

a. Students will be expected and required to abide by all rules and regulations regarding conduct as set forth by the host agency.

b. In addition, the student is expected and required to abide by all college rules and regulations which are applicable while students are on campus.

c. Any violations of rules and regulations shall be cause for immediate withdrawal from the internship course.

2. Special Requirements

a. Students should report to agencies for interviews or work assignments attired in an appropriate manner and properly groomed.

b. Some agencies may have special rules regarding hairstyles and beards or mustaches. Where this is the case, the student should be willing to comply with those requirements or arrange in advance for a waiver.

c. Students will be required to report to the liaison person from the host agency prior to scheduled commencement of the internship in order to receive his/her instructions.

d. Interns will not make any statements to any person concerning agency activity of a confidential nature. Interns must remember that they are not employees of the host agency (in the fullest sense of the word) but rather they are there to observe and learn.

e. Students will be required to complete an affidavit indicating that they are voluntarily participating in an internship program and are receiving medical and liability coverage provided by the college.

f. Students will be expected to comply with any additional requests of the internship coordinator with regard to administration of the internship program, so long as such a request is possible.

g. Students will not carry firearms or engage in any activity which is not privileged by law and authorized by law to them. INTERNS ARE OBSERVERS AND LIMITED IN WHAT ACTIVITIES THEY MAY PROPERLY ENGAGE IN.

h. Students will participate in seminars on the Illinois Valley Community College campus or at some other designated spot.

i. Students will submit a final paper which critiques and analyses