IVCC Criminal Justice Program Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of the Internship Coordinator to act in concern with the student, the host agency, and college employees in such a manner as to ensure maximum benefits from the internship program for all participating parties.

In addition, there are specific responsibilities which fall within the scope of the coordinator's duties. They include the following:

1. Identification of sites where internships may be served. These sites should represent a broad spectrum of criminal justice agencies as well as other organizations which fulfill related functions within the community. Internship should be available from the following areas of specialization:

a. Police agencies

b. Correctional facilities

c. Courts

d. Probations and Parole

e. Private security/safety

f. State and private agencies providing services for juveniles

g. Social service agencies

h. Other related areas which may be of interest to some interns


2. It shall be the responsibility of the coordinator to identify potential interns, counsel with them concerning internships, and to assist them in placement with a host agency.

3. The coordinator will meet with all students who are pre-enrolled for the internship experience prior to commencement of that internship.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the coordinator to periodically visit with the host agency (Liaison Agent) in order to monitor the progress of the intern and assist the agency with any problems.

5. The coordinator of the internship program will conduct seminars for all students participating where a sharing of experiences may be conducted. In addition, this time will allow for resolution of problems which the intern may be experiencing.

6. The coordinator will maintain records and progress reports for all interns.

7. The coordinator will assign a final grade for each student after the culmination of the experience. Evaluation of the student's progress will take into consideration:

a. Host agency input

b. Participation at seminars

c. Student's final paper

8. Finally, it shall be the responsibility of the Internship Coordinator to provide every assistance to the host agency which is possible to enhance the operation of the internship program.