Responsibilities of the Host Agency

Each participating agency or organization will have some basic responsibilities to the student and to the college. Among those responsibilities are:

1. Provision of an employee to act as Liaison Agent. This person's area of responsibility will include:

a. Orientation of the intern with regard to rules and regulations of the agency as well as the duties the intern will carry out

b. Scheduling of assignments for the intern

c. Interviewing of potential intern and conducting a final interview of the intern prior to completion of the course

d. Evaluation of the student's progress and achievements

e. Maintain contact with the Criminal Justice Coordinator regarding any and all problems which cannot be resolved at the agency level


2. Attempt to ensure a variety of assignments for the intern in order that the student might receive maximum exposure to meaningful experiences

3. Provide feedback to the college regarding the intern's progress, any problems and a critique of the program

4. Each host agency or organization, as much as possible, should provide the Criminal Justice Program at Illinois Valley Community College with general information concerning the agency and the community to facilitate proper placement of interns

5. Each host site should forward evaluation of interns no later than the final week of internships to facilitate final grade assigning

6. Each host site should make every effort to provide monetary reward for interns in order to make the experience as real as possible. Many of our students find it necessary to work their way through college. A lack of pay for interns might preclude some from participating. Where funding is not possible by the host agency, this should not deter participation.