Eligibility of Participation

The following criteria must be met by the student before he or she will be considered for participation in an internship experience.

1. He/she must have a sophomore status by the time the internship period commences and have completed the first year of study within the criminal justice curriculum.

2. A grade point average for all course work must be at least 2.0 based on a 4.0 scale.

3. The prospective intern must interview with the Liaison Agent of the host agency and be acceptable to that person as an intern.

4. He/she must pre-register for the internship experience during the spring semester immediately preceding the summer internship offering.

5. Students applying for internship with a host agency may not be employees of that agency, except under unusual circumstances.

6. The student must submit to the Director of the Criminal Justice Program a written request to participate in an internship experience and must prove to the Director that he/she is sincere and will complete the experience in a satisfactory manner.