Criminal Justice Internship

That certainty is the enemy of true knowledge. Knowledge is a process, a journey toward, not an arrival. People who believe that they possess certainty are capable of any atrocity, ranging from the concentration camps of the Nazis to the cross burnings of the KKK. Because they are certain they are right, these people feel they can justify any act of subhuman cruelty. Throughout history, it has been the doubters, the assailers of accepted truth, who have moved the species forward. A corollary to this thought is that the only thing you can truly learn in life is the depth of your own ignorance."-Al Goldstein, Publisher Screw Magazine-New York

Each summer criminal justice students participate in an internship during the summer semester. This internship is designed to allow students to participate in the field of their choice. Through practical participation the student is provided with invaluable experience and the chance to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom.

The internship ideally occurs between the freshman and sophomore years of study. This allows the student to determine that their field of study is appropriate and to provide insight into the course work of their sophomore year.

The internship requires that the student enroll in CRJ 2280 and CRJ 2290, for a total of 5 credit hours. Each student will be assigned an agency by the Director of the Criminal Justice Program. The assignment is based on agency need, student request, and student need assessment.

Following are a list of possible internship sites:

Police Departments
(Law Enforcement emphasis)

  • DePue
  • Dwight
  • LaSalle
  • Mendota
  • Ottawa
  • Peru
  • Pontiac
  • Princeton
  • Seneca
  • Spring Valley
  • Streator


Sheriff’s Departments

  • Bureau County
  • LaSalle County
  • Livingston County
  • Marshall County
  • Putnam County

Illinois State Police Departments

  • District 17; LaSalle
  • District 17; LaSalle


Correctional Centers

  • Sheridan Correctional Center
  • Illinois Youth Center; St. Charles


State Attorney’s Office

  • Bureau County
  • LaSalle County



  • Department of Children and Family Services
  • Alternatives to Domestic Violence
  • Illinois Valley Crime Commission
  • LaSalle County Detention Center
  • LaSalle County Probation Department
  • LaSalle County Youth Service Bureau
  • North Central Youth Service Agency

More Information

Purpose of an Internship
Eligibility of Participation
Credits for Internship Participation
Student Responsibilities
Responsibilities of the Host Agency
IVCC Criminal Justice Program Responsibilities