Criminal Justice Curriculum

"To do something in which you are deeply interested. Work should be satisfying; something you look forward to doing. There is a boring aspect to almost everything, but if you choose to do something worthwhile, that helps people, the satisfactions outweigh the ‘dumb’ part." -Elaine Benson, art gallery owner -New York

The Criminal Justice Program at Illinois Valley Community College offers three different options within its curriculum:

1. An Associate of Applied Science degree for the student who intends to immediately enter the field upon completion of his/her college work.

NOTE: Students pursuing this degree have traditionally gone on to institutions of higher learning (four-year colleges) with a minimum of transfer problems.


2. The Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice. This degree was developed for the student who intends to seek a four-year degree at matriculation at Illinois Valley Community College.

NOTE: This student knows that he/she will transfer when they initially enroll for course work at Illinois Valley Community College.


3. The Criminal Justice Certificate. This option is designed to meet the needs of the student who does not wish to pursue either of the other two degrees.