AQIP Action Projects

Action Projects strengthen an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement; educate and motivate faculty, staff, and administrators; and improve systems and processes that lead to success in achieving organizational goals.  Each organization concentrates its energies on three or four Action Projects that will most significantly advance its goals. At least one relates directly to Helping Students Learn.

Current Action Projects

1) Implementing Strategic Enrollment Management to Identify & Respond to Student and Stakeholder Needs

The action project team will develop and implement a strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan designed to achieve and maintain optimal enrollments. The enrollment management plan will proceed in a comprehensive manner, and impact and include the entire college community. This initiative will target not only marketing strategies, but also recruitment, retention, and graduation rates. As defined in Bontrager & Pollock (2009), strategic enrollment management includes:

a) Establishing enrollment goals;
b) Championing academic success;
c) Championing institutional success;
d) Relying upon data;
e) Strengthening communication; and
f) Increasing collaboration across the college.

2) College Website Research and Improvement Project
This action project considers the importance of the IVCC website as a communication tool between the college and its students and other stakeholders. The action project addresses the question, “Can the IVCC website: (a) Address student needs first and foremost; (b) Serve faculty, staff and administration in their jobs; (c) Act as a resource for the community; and (d) Market IVCC, all at the same time. The research project will help us identify whether we need to identify primary users and uses, and redesign the website accordingly.

3) Implementation of Learning Outcomes Assessment: Assessment Committee
This Action Project builds upon the work of the Assessment of General Education Goals Action Project Team (concluded Summer 2010), as well as the progress made through the IVCC Annual Program Outcomes Review developed and implemented 2008-2009. While these teams each sought to establish a process for assessment, the Assessment Action Project Team seeks to build upon their work and develop a system of general education, program and course assessment that produces results that can be used to improve student learning.