System Portfolio Contact Information

Dr. Deborah_Anderson
Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 815.224.0434
Email: Deborah_Anderson@ivcc.edu

Accreditation Team

Sandy Beard
Dr. Cynthia Cardosi
Tara Coburn
Jamie Gahm
Dr. Kathryn Kott
Robert Mattson
Sue Mertel
Dr. Elaine Novak
Adam Oldaker
Dr. Lori Scroggs


Charter: Ensures that the College maintains its accreditation status as an Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) institution through the North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commission.


  • Ensure the College adheres to the NCA Higher Learning Commission's AQIP principles and processes
  • Manage the development process of the AQIP Systems Portfolio
  • Submit the required AQIP Annual Report
  • Assign and monitor the AQIP related action project teams
  • Consistently review and update the systems portfolio document
  • Make recommendations to the SPLC regarding performance and/or measurement gaps as identified for potential action projects
  • Submit the Higher Learning Commission's annual report
  • Ensure that technological needs are assessed and that applications of technology to support the accreditation process are implemented and evaluated.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of related activities and recommend improvements