AQIP Systems Portfolio 


2015 AQIP Systems Portfolio (PDF)

2011 AQIP Systems Portfolio (PDF)

2007 AQIP Systems Portfolio

During the first four years of participation, an organization assembles a Systems   Portfolio with broad faculty and staff involvement. This document is essential for the Systems Appraisal that AQIP conducts three years after the organization is accepted to   participate in AQIP. The Systems Portfolio consists of an Organizational Overview and explicates each of the major systems employed to accomplish an organization’s mission   and objectives. The organization answers specific questions for each of the nine AQIP Categories. For each system, the questions deal with context for analysis, processes, results, and improvement. The Organizational Overview presents a capsule picture that    helps readers understand the organization’s key strengths and ambitions, as well as the challenges and conflicts it faces.

Each of the Categories in the Systems Portfolio deals with a related group of processes, and allows an organization to analyze, understand, and explore opportunities for   improving these processes. Thus each Category asks: 

How does your organization approach these processes? How do you design and stabilize key processes? Have you evolved methods you use consistently to achieve the goals you want?

How broadly have you implemented your approach across different departments, operations, and locations?

How do you measure your processes and evaluate your results? What trends do you perceive? How do your results compare with the results of others’ approaches designed to achieve similar goals?

How do you use information about your processes’ performance results to improve your own approach? How does your organization learn to improve continuously from your experience with these processes?

How effectively do your processes and their results serve your students’ and other stakeholders’ needs?