Endorsed by these local manufacturers as a preferred credential of employment.

See what local Manufacturer's are saying about
IVCC's CPT program...

"Maze Nail and other local manufacturers joined IVCC in the design of the CPT program to prepare individuals for jobs in our local manufacturing and process industries.

CPT certificate graduates will have proven their interest and ability in manufacturing by studying the quality, safety, maintenance and electro-mechanical elements essential to our industry. The curriculum presents balanced and relevant "real-world" instruction for graduates to "hit the ground running" upon starting a new job or seeking advancement. And, while we like to keep our local talent here in the Illinois Valley, the CPT certificate is recognized across the country for those who are interested in jobs out of the area.

Maze Nail and other participating manufacturers across the USA recognize the value of a Certified Production Technician certificate and would seriously consider these graduates for hiring." 


Jim Loveland

Plant Manager

Maze Nails