Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau is a group of professional speakers from the Student Development Department of Illinois Valley Community College.  This group includes the Counseling Center, Project Success, and Career Services.

We are available to talk to your class or organization at IVCC.  The topics included in the Speakers Bureau were chosen with our students and their academic and personal issues in mind.  It is our goal that they find the topics both interesting and even helpful.

Faculty can choose to utilize this resource to build on topics being discussed in class. 

Choose a topic below and submit the Request a Speaker Form.


Navigating College

  • Information on what IVCC has to offer:  Study Programs, Campus Resources, Clubs and Organizations.  Also includes information on the transfer process.
  • Orientation to IVCC.

Speaker:  Staff

Self-Esteem 1001

  • Explore the roots of self-esteem.
  • Identify positive and negative behavior.
  • Self-help tips offered.
  • Find out about "Stinkin Thinkin" and ways to "untwist" your thinking.

Speakers:  Renee Prine, Missy Killian

Careers 1001

  • Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?  Learn tips on choosing a career that fits you.

Speaker:  Staff

Speak-Up 1010

  • Learn how to talk to your instructor effectively. 
  • Covers student's rights and responsibilities in the classroom.
  • Info for classroom success!

Speakers:  Renee Prine, Jim Moskalewicz

The IVCC Process

  • Teaches student navigate course planning and scheduling process.  Includes using Web Advisor how to.

Speakers:  Renee Prine, Missy Killian

Understanding Your Transfer Options

  • Excellent for university bound students.  Explains transfer degrees and course transferability.

Speaker:  Jane Sack

Know Yourself....and build your future on it!

  • Find out how self-exploration of values, strengths, and goals can motivate you.

Speaker:  Jane Sack

MBTI Personality Assessment

  • Receive detailed information on your personality, learning style, and suitable careers!

Speakers:  Staff

Juggling Time/Balancing Life

  • Tips that apply to school and personal life.

Speaker:  Jane Sack

Resume Writing

  • Create or update your resume with tips from the Coordinator of Career Services.

Speaker:  Staff

Using Career Cruising

  • Career exploration using this fun and innovative computer program.  Exceptional career guidance tool.  Can be used with high school through adult students.

Speaker:  Staff

Intro to Career Services

  • See what IVCC career services can offer job hunters. 
  • Find best websites for local state and national job info.

Speaker:  Staff

Ethical Fitness

  • Ethics in today's society discussed.

Speaker:  Staff

Student Success through Project Success

  • An overview of on-campus grant program.
  • Discover the great benefits offered to students.

Speakers:  Chris Herman

Moving From Independence To Interdependence

  • Succeeding alone versus succeeding with support of others.

Speaker:  Staff

Who Am I?  Why Am I Here?

  • Information on motivation and characteristics of an "amazing student."

Speaker:  Staff

IVCC Counseling Center What Can We Do For You?

  • Overview of services:  Academic, Personal and Career Counseling.

Speaker:  Staff

Counseling Center Website

  • Great information.  Uncover transfer information secrets and more.

Speaker:  Staff

State Universities in Illinois

  • Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois, ---get the basics.

Speaker:  Debbie Burch


Remember - If you don't see a particular topic here, contact us with your special request.


  • Debbie Burch   ext. 362 or
  • Linda Hawkins  ext. 361