Student Resources for Basic Computer Skills Inventory

The  resources below will allow students to review topics prior to taking the Basic Computer Skills Inventory. We have provided a variety of ways review various concepts including; tutorials, videos, demos and reference cards.  IVCC is currently using Windows 7, Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Explorer 9 and Firefox 13.


General Information         Keyboarding Practice             Keyboarding Test


Mousing Around Tutorial         MouseProgram.Com       Computer & Mouse Tutorial

Computer Concepts

Computer Basics from Microsoft (Requires Internet Explorer)

Types of Software

Windows Operating System

Windows Basics (Requires Internet Explorer)

File management

CTER Tutorial  

Different Types of Removable Media


Email at a Glance Tutorial

Learn the Net - Email Tutorial

AlterNet - Email

Outlook 2007


Learn the Net - Internet Tutorial

AlterNet - Online Tutorials

Learn the Net - Internet Searching

AlterNet - Introduction to Search Engines

Safe Computing

Microsoft Internet and the World Wide Web (Requires Internet Explorer)

Microsoft Virus/spyware protection (Requires Internet Explorer)

Word Processing

Word 2010

Headers and Footers - YouTube|Text Version

Reference Card

Presentation Software

PowerPoint 2010

Reference Card

Create and Print Handouts