Basic Computer Skills for College Success

In today's rapidly changing society, it is more important than ever for citizens to understand the technology and information around them.  Illinois Valley Community College believes that this knowledge and skill set is of primary concern to our faculty, staff and students.  The Basic Computer Skills Inventory(BCSI) is our way of preparing students to meet the foundational level of computer literacy here at IVCC. Since the fall of 2007 faculty, staff and students have worked to identify the foundational computer literacy skills that our students need to be successful on the first day of class: touch-typing, computer concepts, electronic mail, file management, Internet, presentation and word processing software.

All first-time full-time students and part-time students taking other placement tests will complete the BCSI. Students exempt from placement tests due to ACT scores are required to take the inventory. Students can arrange a free assessment by contacting the Assessment Center (815.224.0552) and make an appointment to complete the BCSI; this will ensure students meet the minimum computer expectations at IVCC.

A passing score requires: 20 words a minute for the three-minute timed typing* (gross words per minute - errors = wam) and
75% on the BCSI which consists of performance based and objective questions.

The following guidelines should be followed when registering for courses:

CSP-1230, Computer Keyboarding Applications Students should enroll in the 2-credit hour keyboarding course if  they fail both the timed typing and BCSI.
(< 20 wam and < 75% BCSI)

CSP-1206, Computer Skills for College Success  Students should enroll in the 1-credit hour computer applications course if they pass the timed typing and fail the BCSI.
(=> 20 wam and < 75% BCSI)

CSP-1203, Microsoft Office Professional I   Students that meet the foundational level of computer literacy can enroll in the 3-credit hour office applications course if they pass both the timed typing and the BCSI.
(=> 20 wam and => 75% BCSI)

*The 3-minute timed typing is not a substitute for the CSP-1230, Computer Keyboarding Applications Proficiency Exam which is worth 2 credit hours. If you pass the timed typing, that does not mean you meet the requirements of the CSP-1230 course.