Student Clubs and Organizations

Mission Statement

The Student Activities department complements the student’s academic experience through the development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service and campus governance programs.  

Student Government Association
Cory Tomasson - 815-224-0509, E-306 - Cory_Tomasson@ivcc.edu
The Student Government Association (SGA) is the sole, exclusive, and officially recognized governing agent for the student body of IVCC.  The entire student Government Association is comprised of three branches.  The Executive Branch consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, one Sophomore representative, and one Freshman Representative.  The Legislative Branch consists of one member from each of the campus organizations.  The Programming Board consists of two Sophomore members and two Freshman members.  The Executive Branch meets bi-weekly to take action on matters of concern to the entire student body and to plan events and activities for students at the college.  In addition, members of the SGA serve with faculty and administrators on various committees such as:  President's Advisory Council, Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee, Faculty-Student Review Committee, and Campus Art Committee.

Student Trustee
Cory Tomasson - 815-224-0509, E-306 - Cory_Tomasson@ivcc.edu
Students annually elect a student representative to the IVCC Board of Trustees. This student board member participates in every meeting of the board and provides student input concerning all phases of the college's operation.  The student trustee has all the rights and privileges of the other trustees except in the manner of voting.  The student trustee has the right to make and second motions, and attend executive sessions.  The student trustee may also cast an advisory vote on all matters on which the Board votes.  This vote should be made prior to any vote of other Board members and should be recorded in the official minutes.  Watch for notices regarding SGA petitioning and elections during September and April.  Questions regarding the SGA, its membership and activities, should be directed to Cory Tomasson, SGA Advisor/Coordinator of Student Activities.

Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society
Margie Francisco - 815-224-0574, B-303 - Margie_Francisco@ivcc.edu
Alpha Delta Nu (ADN) Honor Society of Nursing was adopted in 2010 with the first inductees being from the Class of 2011.  IVCC's Associate Degree Nursing Program (Beta Chapter) was one of the inaugural chapters.  Illinois is the premier state for an honor society for Associate Degree Nursing graduates.  ADN is under the guidance of the Illinois Organization for Associated Degree Nursing with the hopes of going national in the near future.  The Beta chapter of ADN inducted their first members in March of 2011.  For consideration for induction, students must have an overall GPA of 3.0, receive nothing less than a 3.0 in any nursing course through the third semester of the nursing program, and complete a group capstone project focusing on recruitment or promotion of nursing.  Membership is voluntary and a nominal fee to cover pins and honor cords is required. 

American Chemical Society (CHEM Club )
Matt Johll - 815-224-0468, D-203 - Matt_Johll@ivcc.edu
The American Chemical Society promotes exchange between students studying chemistry and the chemical sciences at IVCC.  Another goal of this chapter is to provide outreach to the community through volunteer projects in schools and to participate in National Chemistry Week activities each year.  Membership is open to any student studying chemistry, chemical engineering, or another chemical science at IVCC.

Black Student Association
Promise Yong -- 815-224-0467 - D-204, promise_yong@ivcc.edu
The purpose of the BSA is to provide support for black students by troubleshooting problems, providing information, building a sense of community, and providing academic, social, and cultural programs that are designed to address the unique needs of the Association’s members.

College Democrats
Mike Phillips - 815-224-0394, B-318 - Mike_Phillips@ivcc.edu
Missy Killian - 815-224-0346, E-207 - Melissa_Killian@ivcc.edu   
College Democrats inform people about democratic views on issues pertinent to all citizens, increase student involvement in politics and government, participate in political activities, and support local democratic office holders and hopefuls.

College Republicans
Dorene Perez - 815-224-0221, D-105 - Dorene_Perez@ivcc.edu ;
Jim Gibson 815-224-0453, D-107A - Jim_Gibson@ivcc.edu
College Republicans try to make a change for the better in Illinois by educating students at IVCC and actively participating in local political campaigns and events.  As a service to the Republican Party, it is the ongoing mission of the College Republicans to support Republicans in office, all who share the Republican views, and the Constitutional rights of individuals as they were intended by the founding fathers of America.

Disc Golf Club
Wes Black – 815-224-0459 – E-303 – wes_black@ivcc.edu
The Disc Golf Club will promote Disc Golf in the Illinois Valley, and introduce the sport to the College community.

Economics Student Association
Abhjeet Bhattacharya - 815-224-0519, B-311A - Abhjeet_Bhattacharya@ivcc.edu
The goals of the ESA are to:  1) Promote interest in the field of Economics and provide information relating to career development 2) Promote an understanding and appreciation by the IVCC academic community of the nature of economic issues  3) Provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the academic community 

Focus on Fitness
Tony Ruda - 815-224-0333, G-205 - Tony_Ruda@ivcc.edu
Focus on Fitness explores healthy lifestyles for students and faculty members providing exercise and nutritional information. The club also provides educational information on career options in the discipline of Physical Education.

Gay/Straight Alliance
Renee Prine - 815-224-0366, E-203 - Renee_Prine@ivcc.edu
Jason Beyer - 815-224-0583, A-309 - Jason_Beyer@ivcc.edu
Sue Isermann - 815-224-0408, C-312 - Sue_Isermann@ivcc.edu
The Gay/Straight Alliance is a support and student activities group which serves the interests of gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, the transgendered, and anyone interested in the concerns surrounding gay and lesbian social issues. Through the Gay/Straight Alliance we will foster a more understanding and tolerant community on campus and in the area. The Gay/Straight Alliance will acknowledge the diversity of individuals regarding sexual orientation and embrace that diversity.

The Gay/Straight Alliance will be committed to providing a safe environment for people to embrace their sexuality without judgment, as well as a strong foundation for support for those individuals struggling to more fully discover, accept, or express themselves.  We, the members of the Gay/Straight Alliance, also recognize the lack of awareness of the diversity of people, and are devoted to educating others and ourselves on issues related to sexual orientation.  The members of the Gay/Straight alliance will exemplify respect for diversity, tolerance of all people, education related to sexual orientation, and support for the search of self-discovery.

Honors Program Organization
Nora Villarreal - 815-224-0331, B-325A - Nora_Villarreal@ivcc.edu
To develop and maintain the involvement in our community through experiential learning, leadership, and volunteer opportunities.  Also, our actions will benefit the Honors Program by raising money which will be used to fund seminars and other local interest.  Additionally, we plan to help our fellow Honors Program students to complete their Honors Plans and Capstone Projects.

Lauri Carey - 815-224-0217, AG-10 - Lauri_Carey@ivcc.edu
The Hort Club students will engage in activities that compliment their studies at IVCC. The club will provide opportunities for students to expand and develop their knowledge of horticulture. Students will attend the Mid-Am Trade Show in January of every year. Fundraisers will include plant sales.

Human Services Organization
Jean Batson-Turner - 815-224-0268, B-324 - Jean_BatsonTurner@ivcc.edu
The Human Services Organization serves the Illinois Valley area from within IVCC as a hands on resource, working to develop partnerships with related human services and social welfare organizations in our communities.  Developing careers, public awareness, education and volunteerism, this organization shall be open to anyone on campus showing interest towards the Human Service field or related fields i.e., Nursing, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education etc.  Monthly activities, events and meetings are held on and off campus.

Illinois Valley Leaders for Service
Sara Escatel - 815-224-0355, E-319 - Sara_Escatel@ivcc.edu
The purposes of the Illinois Valley Leaders for Services is to implement and to support oriented initiatives.  In doing so, the organization will keep as its primary focus to promote access and understanding of the higher education system.  The members of the organization will strive to be leaders and positive influences to the campus and community.  Students will have an opportunity to act as mentors, to engage in fellowship with other students, and to strengthen their leadership skills.

Illinois Valley Network Users Association (IVNUA), IVCC Student Chapter
(formerly AITP,
Association of Information Technology Professionals)
Gina Elias - 815-224-0329, A-329 - Gina_Elias@ivcc.edu
IVNUA offers opportunities for IT leadership and education through partnerships with industry, government, and academia.  IVNUA provides quality IT related education, information on relevant IT issues and forums for networking with experienced peers and other professionals.

Indefinite Limit (Math Club)
Dawn Wiggins - 815-224-0339, E-307 - Dawn_Wiggins@ivcc.edu
The purpose of the Indefinite Limit Math club is to increase knowledge, develop an interest, form an outreach to high school and community college students, and share in the pure pleasure of Math.

International Society
Amanda Cook Fesperman - 815-224-0203, D-307 - Amanda_CookFesperman@ivcc.edu
The International Society is an organization that seeks to broaden students understanding of and appreciation for our diverse world by having students participate in international programs. Students meet to attend international arts programs and festivals, eat at international restaurants, and assist with programming for international events on campus.

IV Leader- Student Newspaper
Lori Cinotte - 815-224-0289, B-320 - Lori_Cinotte@ivcc.edu
The IV Leader is the campus newspaper, published tri-weekly by a student staff and advised by the journalism instructor.  The staff is composed of students who contribute their time and talents and is open to all students - part-time and full-time - regardless of major.  Staff positions are open to any student with an interest in any area of publication; previous newspaper experience is not necessary.  Students can pick up applications outside office B-317.

IVSustainability (formerly Diverse Universe)
Jared Oelson – 815-224-0281 – D-311 – Jared_Olesen@ivcc.edu
IVSustainability is dedicated to the pursuit of a sustainable college and sustainable communities in the Illinois Valley.  At IVS, students collaborate on ideas and projects aimed at creating a green IVCC for the 21st century.  Students also work to promote the values of sustainability across the campus at IVCC as well as in our surrounding Illinois Valley communities.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Criminal Justice Association)
Rebecca Donna - 815-224-0202, D-312 - Rebecca_Donna@ivcc.edu
The Criminal Justice Association was organized in the Spring semester of 1974 to cultivate a spirit of fraternalism among criminal justice students. Activities include field trips to criminal justice agencies, seminars, speakers, canoe trips, and the annual banquet. This organization also sponsors scholarships for IVCC students in the Criminal Justice program. Membership is open to all students majoring in Criminal Justice at IVCC.

National Organization of Human Services Honor Society
Jean Batson-Turner - 815-224-0268, B-324 - Jean_BatsonTurner@ivcc.edu
The purpose of the Society shall be to honor academic excellence; to foster lifelong learning, leadership, and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity. 

OSAKA Anime Club
Jason Beyer - 815-224-0583, A-309 - Jason_Beyer@ivcc.edu
The purpose of the anime club is to bring students with the common interest in anime and Japan together to explore these interests.   

Paintball Club
Paul Leadingham – 815-224-0319 – AG 107A – paul_leadingham@ivcc.edu
The Paintball Clue will provide an opportunity for students to participate in team building and fitness oriented activities, while expanding interest in this action sport. 

Phi Theta Kappa
Eric Schroeder - 815-224-0597, B-323 - Eric_Schroeder@ivcc.edu
Charles Kwiatkowski - 815-408-07876, A-333 - Charles_Kwiatkowski@ivcc.edu
Carmen Hartford - 815-224-0321, A-315 - Carmen_Hartford@ivcc.edu
PHI Theta Kappa is an international honor society for the two-year college.  Rho Omega Chapter at IVCC joins over 1200 other chapters across the United States, Canada, Germany, and U.S.  Territorial possessions in honoring academic excellence among its students.  In addition to academic excellence, Phi Theta Kappa promotes service to communities and provides leadership opportunities for its members.  Membership in Phi Theta Kappa, Rho Omega Chapter, is based on cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and the completion of at least 12 hours of course work at IVCC.  Membership is by invitation only and initiation is generally conducted twice each year.

Physics Club
Dominic Sarsah - 815-224-0470, D-317 - Dominic_Sarsah@ivcc.edu
Physics Club explores the problems of physics in a social environment, to introduce students to the various applications of physics in the world, and to introduce lower year students to upper year students for tutoring.

Psych Club
Betsy Klopcic - 815-224-0208, D-315 - Betsy_Klopcic@ivcc.edu
Psych Club provides educational, social, and service activities reflecting students' interests in psychology and related disciplines.

Red Cross Club
Steve Swett - 815-224-0232, - Steve_Swett@ivcc.edu
The purpose of IVCC's Red Cross Club is to work closely with the local Red Cross Chapter.  Areas would be Disaster Training, Blood Donations and local Service Projects.  Also career exploration with the American Red Cross.  Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of the Month during the school year.  The Red Cross Club is open to all students enrolled at IVCC.

River Currents (Literary Magazine)
Tracy Lee - 815-224-0282, A-329 - Tracy_Lee@ivcc.edu
River Currents is a student-produced publication that showcases student literary and artistic talents.  All works that are published within the magazine are those of IVCC students.  This is an annual publication and work is chosen by student editors with the assistance of faculty advisors.

Round Table Gaming Society
Jason Beyer - 815-224-0583, A-309 - Jason_Beyer@ivcc.edu
Mike Phillips - 815-224-0394, B-318 - Mike_Phillips@ivcc.edu
Matt Johll - 815-224-0468, D203 - Matt_Johll@ivcc.edu
The Round Table Gaming Society provides an environment wherein its members may experience any and all forms of multi-person competitive and non-competitive games, including but not limited to role-playing games, board games, card games, dice games, and simulations.  The Round Table Gaming Society will help find fans of particular games and organize with each other.

Running Club
Rick Mangold - 815-224-0367, D-302; Rick_Mangold@ivcc.edu
This club is a good start to getting students active and give them the opportunity to participate in competition.  The hope is that students with all ability levels will want to participate to have fun and to be involved on campus and in the community.

SAGE, the Illinois Valley Golden Z Club
Kim Radek - 815-224-0395, A-314 - Kim_Radek@ivcc.edu
SAGE is dedicated to enriching and empowering the lives of women and men, in both the local and international communities, through service and education.  In addition, the club's ambition is to raise awareness of women's rights and spark discourse about matters that affect women, men, and their relationships.  Not only is the club dedicated to these purposes, but is also responsible for sponsoring Women's History Month.

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo - 815-224-0250, A-316 - AnnaMarie_Pietrolonardo@ivcc.edu
Sigma Delta Mu is the National Spanish Honor Society for students in community colleges.  IVCC's Zeta of Illinois Chapter was chartered in 2006.  The purpose of this society is to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples; to honor those who strive to make the Hispanic contribution to modern culture better known to the English-speaking peoples; to encourage students in two-year colleges and in the first three semesters of four-year colleges and universities to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture; and to foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech.  Students are selected for membership on the basis of high scholarship in general and a certain high level of attainment in the academic study of Spanish.  Specifically, they must meet the following requirements: Each must have studied at least one semester of Spanish or the equivalent thereof at the college which grants membership, with a minimal GPA of 3.0 on a scale where "A" is assigned a value of 4.0, "B" a value of 3.0, etc.  The student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a scale where "A" is assigned a value of 4.0, "B" a value of 3.0, etc.  The only basis of selection shall be the character and the scholastic or professional record of the candidate, and a genuine interest in things Hispanic.

SIGMA KAPPA DELTA (English Honor Society)
Kim Radek - 815-224-0395, A-314 - Kim_Radek@ivcc.edu
Delores Robinson - 815-224-0398, A-328 - Delores_Robinson@ivcc.edu
The National English Honor Society is for students in two-year colleges. Its goals are to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in English language and literature; provide cultural stimulation and promote interest in English on two-year college campuses and in the communities they serve; foster English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing; promote good professional interaction among members; and exhibit high standards of academic achievement. A candidate for membership shall have completed at least one college course in English language or literature. The candidate shall have a minimum of a B or equivalent average in English and shall have completed at least one semester of college course work for a cumulative total of twelve hours or the equivalent quarter hours. In addition, all persons considered for membership shall exhibit high standards of personal and professional character and shall support purposes of the honor society.

SPAMO (Students of Performing Arts & Music Organization)
David Kuester - 815-224-0352, E-305 - David_Kuester@ivcc.edu   
SPAMO stimulates interest in dramatic activities at IVCC and secure for the college all the advantages of a large national honorary fraternity, and by electing worthy students to membership, serve as a reward for their efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dramatic organization of the college.

Student Ambassadors
Mark Grzybowski - 815-224-0437, C-214 - Mark_Grzybowski@ivcc.edu
Sandy Beard - 815-224-0435, C-202 - Sandy_Beard@ivcc.edu
Several Student Ambassadors are chosen each spring, based on grade point average, an application and interview process, and recommendations from IVCC faculty or staff. Ambassadors serve the college by volunteering their time to events which take place on campus. Some of the events include orientation, program events, graduations, and others.

Student Nurses Association
Pam Mammano - 815-224-0322, B-220 - Pam_Mammano@ivcc.edu
The Student Nurses Association was organized to promote professionalism in the field of nursing and is open to all students accepted and enrolled in the Nursing classes.  SNA values lifelong volunteering, not only in our community but also within our chosen profession of nursing.  This organization promotes this ideal and hopefully helps the students to understand the importance of giving something back to our community and profession.  The SNA has sponsored stress seminars, helps with health fairs, organizes an annual blood/bone marrow drive, assists with the orientation of new nursing students, plans the pinning/graduation reception for both RN and LPN graduates just to name a few of our activities.

Student Veteran's Association
Missy Killian - 815-2240346, E-207 - Mellissa_Killian@ivcc.edu
The purpose of the SVA is to provide education and outreach for student veterans at IVCC.  The SVA offers a support system for student veterans and promotes awareness of veteran issues.

Jill Urban-Bollis - 815-224-0429, D-303 - Jill_UrbanBollis@ivcc.edu
Tina Hardy - 815 -224-0284, B-204 - Tina_Hardy@ivcc.edu
TEACH is a student organization for future educators at IVCC with a threefold purpose:  1) To make all club members aware of education-related issues within the college, the community, the state, and throughout the nation.  2)  To connect with other interested students, community, groups, and national affiliates.  3)  Become the change desired in education. 

Transformed(Christian Student Organization)
Amanda Cook Fesperman - 815-224-0203, D-307 - Amanda_CookFesperman@ivcc.edu
Transformed is a non-denominational Christian Student Group that is open to all students.  The goals of this group are to provide Christian fellowship, Bible study, and community service for and to our students.  The group does not debate doctrine so that all students of the Christian faith can feel welcomed and respected.  The mission of the group is to do as Jesus would do by doing good unto others.  Weekly meetings are held during the Fall and Spring semesters.

World Languages Organization
Anna Marie Pietrolonardo - 815-224-0250, A-316 - AnnaMarie_Pietrolonardo@ivcc.edu
The main goal of IVCC World Language Organization is to provide students with linguistic and cultural enrichment experiences beyond the classroom.  In the pursuit of this goal we offer a variety of cultural and language events.  We also search for and create relationships with other groups to provide students with valuable experience and a greater understanding of global populations.  WLO activities and service projects are designed to benefit World Language students, the IVCC community and the public at large.  Any IVCC student can become a member of IVCC World Language Organization.