Instructional Technology and Classroom Integration  comptr

EDC 1202

The changing nature of technology and the new research on distance learning and technology integration makes it challenging for faculty to stay current on issues of instructional technology. This course is designed to meet the needs of faculty on these issues by allowing the faculty member to tailor the instruction by selecting workshops specific to those needs.

This semester CETLA has scheduled a series of workshops on Blackboard that may be used in conjunction with a project to meet the requirements of EDC 1202.  The session descriptions and schedule may be found below.

Participants will receive one hour of credit for completing 16 hours of instruction from the various workshops presented. To enroll, register for EDC 1202 Section 01 at the Records Office (see PDF file:  EDC 1202 Course Description )


Blackboard—To Infinity and Beyond

Five ninety minute workshops for faculty interested in learning to use the  advanced features available in Blackboard 9. 
Bb Gradebook / Differential Learning - 08/25/14, 1- 2:30pm, CETLA

Participants will learn how to  create a variety of assignment options in Blackboard using the  new achievement options and award badges.

Badge Development—09/08/14, 1– 2:30pm, CETLA

Session participants will learn how to design badges for differential learning activities.

Bb New and Exciting Assessment Options– 09/15/14, 1 –2:30pm, CETLA

This hands on 90 minute session will explore all of the advanced testing options available through Blackboard including, random blocks of questions, conversion of Word format tests into Blackboard via Respondus, providing exceptions to due dates, test times, and new and improved feedback options.

Creating & Grading Engaging Discussions- 09/22/14, 1-2:30pm, CETLA
Participants will learn to create, modify and share rubrics to simplify grading  discussions in Blackboard. 

Wikis, Blogs and Journals - Oh My!- 09/29/14, 1-2:30pm, CETLA
Participants will learn how to create and grade wiki, journal and blog assignments in Blackboard

Faculty and staff are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions at their convenience.  Faculty members who intend to complete all five sessions and a Blackboard project may register for EDC 1202 -150 and be compensated with one hour of salary movement or a $150 stipend.  Faculty who will be enrolling in EDC 1202-150 should complete the professional development activity form and register for the course