Blackboard Start of Semester Best Practices

  • Check the course settings to confirm that the course is available, named correctly, categorized appropriately and course duration is set to correct dates.
  • If you have requested your course be created in advance of the deadline provided by the Blackboard Administrator, (typically one week before the start of the semester), your students will be batch enrolled in the course by the Blackboard administrator.  If you will not be included in the batch enrollment process, select  the appropriate student enrollment option and enroll students if the Instructor enrollment option has been chosen.
  •  Post the updated syllabus, and modify any of the faculty information that has changed.
  •  Check the availability of course materials, assignments and discussion forums and modify as needed. 
  • Be sure to check your the Webadvisor roster on the first day of class, as it may have changed since you initially enrolled your students.