Blackboard Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to fully review the capabilities of the Blackboard Course Management System and to assure that students have an experience that equals or exceeds that which they might have in the classroom.

Prerequisite: Current IVCC Web site

The Blackboard instructor will demonstrate the following skills and abilities:

General Blackboard Navigation

A1.  ___Log into Blackboard. 

    Logging into Blackboard - guide sheet with images

A2.  ___Direct students to resources to assist in troubleshooting. 

    Student Resources for Blackboard - Web Page

 A3.  ___Explain the difference between student view and instructor view.

    BB 9 Instructor View - guide sheet with images     

A4.  ___Identify course elements, such as Course Menu, Tool Box, Announcements.

A5.  ___Access and understand the function of the Control Panel.

A6.  ___Describe how course materials will be organized in Blackboard.

A7.  ___Identify which Blackboard functions will be used in course.

A8.  ___Communicate how students will access course.

    Sample Course Welcome Message (Web page)

Course Options

B1.  ___Set course as available.

    Set course as available (Video Tutorial)

B2.  ___Establish enrollment options.

    Establish enrollment options (Video Tutorial)

B3.  ___Categorize course.

B4.  ___Create or delete navigation buttons on Course Menu.

B5.  ___Evaluate need for pre-developed course cartridges.

B6.  ___Understand the process for importing course cartridges and importance of importing cartridge before other content is added to course..

B7.  ___Request a course shell.

B8.  ___Follow end-of-semester checklist for Blackboard courses.

    End of semester checklist (Web page)

User Management

C1.  ___Enroll a user.

C2.  ___Troubleshoot working in the student database.

C3.  ___Understanding of self-enrollment process.

C4.  ___Remove a user from course.

C5.  ___Understanding of relationship between Colleague roster and Blackboard roster

    Student Username and Password Conventions -Web Page Resource

C7.  ___Direct students to update personal information, such as passwords and email addresses.

    Changing Student Passwords and Personal Information - Web Page Resource

C8.  ___Create a Group.

Create a Group. - Video Tutorial

Course Tools

D1.  ___Post an announcement

D2.  ___Create an assignment incorporating a discussion board.

D3.  ___Define instructor role in discussion and how student posts will be evaluated.

D4.  ___Compare  email, discussion attachments, and Interactive Assignments.

D5.  ___Use Blackboard email to send an email.

D6.  ___Understand limits of Blackboard email.

Content Areas

E1.  ___Create a content area work unit (Folder or Learning Unit).

    Creating Folders and Adding Content - Video Tutorial  

E2.  ___ Add content to a content area

    Adding Course Files - Video Tutorial 

E3.  ___Describe when it is appropriate to use different file formats (html, pdf, doc, rtf). 

   Describe when it is appropriate to use different file formats (html, pdf, doc, rtf). (Web Page Resource)


F1.  ___Create a quiz or test.

BB 9.1 Question Guide from Columbus State Community College

F2. ___Deploy an assessment in a content area.

F3. ___Explain choices for assessment options.

F4. ___Discuss options for assessing student learning.

F5. ___Differentiate between quizzes and surveys.

F6. ___View the gradecenter

    View the gradecenter (Video Tutorial

F7. ___Add item to gradebook.

F8. ___Add a student grade to the gradebook.

F9. ___Export gradebook.