Rubrics for Assessment

A rubric is an assessment tool which is used to measure, (assess) a students work.  It is a scoring guide, (ussually in a table format), that defines how a students performance is assessed on a full range of criteria rather than a single numeric score.  The rubric is a working guide for students and teachers and is ussually handed out before the assignment begins, to make students aware of how their work will be graded. 

Advantages of Rubrics

  • Rubrics help improve students performance because they clearly define  how the student's work will be graded.
  • They make assessment more objective and consistent.
  • Rubrics reduce the amount of time intructors spend evaluating students' work.
  • When properly used they provide students with more informative feedback.

Characteristics of Rubrics

  • They focus on a clearly defined objective.
  • Rubrics use a range to specify performance.
  • They contain specific performance characteristics arranged in levels indicating the degree to which an objective has been met.

Resources for Creating Rubrics

Rubric Generator

Creating a Rubric

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