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Time for Tea…and Flowers too!
Thursday, March 20
Includes: Motor coach transportation, admission to Chicago Flower & Garden Show, High Tea at the Drake Hotel, local garden expert on board the bus to answer your gardening questions, all tips, gratuities and snacks.

Have you got Cabin Fever? The Chicago Flower & Garden Show  is a great way to shake it off! We will begin our morning on themotor coach with Stephanie Stacy, local garden expert and IVCC continuing education instructor. Stephanie will share with us some of the “what’s hot” in gardening for 2014 and will also take your gardening questions while we make our way to Chicago. The Chicago Flower & Garden Show has blossomed in the Windy City since 1847; providing an experience for the senses and invoking memories of spring after a typically long and cold Illinois winter. The theme this year “ Do Green, Do Good”, will treat you to the sights, scents and sounds of feature gardens with blooming perennials, annuals
and trees; while water features rustle throughout the Festival Halls of Chicago’s acclaimed Navy Pier. Local landscape designers and builders create realistic solutions within their feature gardens and displays that inspire and demonstrate the possibilities for your own gardens, yards, or balconies. Over 25 display gardens will inspire you by what you see, educate you on what you can do in your own green space and motivate you to get out there and garden. Additionally the show features a marketplace, workshops, the garden gourmet cooking demonstrations and much more. You will also have time to visit the Navy Pier shops. After you have indulged your floral senses we will head to the Drake Hotel for Afternoon Tea in Palm Court. High society has always recognized The Drake Hotel as the quintessential social hotspot. Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth and the Empress of
Japan have all been seen in the Palm Court. Take in the ambience while sipping on Palm Court’s own blend of custom-made tea and delicacies. Sit back, relax, and share your excitement about this enchanting day with new and old friends! Lunch will be on your own at one of the many food  vendors on Navy Pier.
Date: Thursday, March 20
Time: 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Where: IVCC Parking Lot, #4
Course: HLR-8308-403
Fee: $110


Immigrants to Elite
Exploring Chicago’s Ethnic & Affluent Neighborhoods

Thursday, April 17
Includes: Motor coach transportation, guided tour, lunch in Chinatown, admission to Hull House and Driehaus Museum, all tips, gratuities and snacks.

A day spent in Chicago is a study in contrasts. Discover the contributions made by various ethnic groups. Then, experience the elegant lifestyle attained by successful citizens who became leaders of this community. Stop at a working Mexican bakery; located in the heart of the ‘port of entry’ area of Pilsen. Sample specialties made by this family owned business. View the outdoor mural art of this vibrant neighborhood surrounded by grocery stores, gift shops and import stores. Next, visit the original suburban home of real estate developer Charles Hull, built in 1856. The exhibits tell the story of the changes of this area, the creation of America’s first settlement house by Jane Addams and the ethnic groups that have passed through the neighborhood. Drive through the neighborhoods that were home to the city’s Who’s Who. Dozens of these residences are still maintained
as they were in the past. Experience the glamour of the South Shore Country Club, which was key to the leisure life of the privileged few. Chicago’s colorful Chinatown is the destination for lunch, Cantonese specialties served family style will allow you to enjoy a variety of dishes and flavors. Following lunch, we will tour a magnificent church created by the privileged class. Built before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, then rebuilt at that time in the lovely splendor of the Arts and Craft movement. Restored to its original decoration, it is maintained today for all to share. Our final stop today is the icing on the cake! America’s new aristocracy of the late 1800s heralded their success through their private residences. The Driehaus Museum is one of the finest. Skilled artisans used both domestic and imported materials to create and furnish this amazing home, known today as the ‘Marble
Palace’. Spend the day exploring Chicago’s diversity. Hear the stories and explore the places where both immigrant and elite lived and played.
Date: Thursday, April 17
Time: 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Where: IVCC Parking Lot, #4
Course: HLR-8309-404
Fee: $121


Opening the Vaults Wonders of the 1893 WORLDS FAIR
Tuesday, May 6
Includes: Motor coach transportation, admission to the Field Museum
and special exhibit, family-style lunch at Piccolo Mondo, guided
afternoon tour, all tips, gratuities and snacks.

Just 22 years after the Great Fire devastated the city, Chicago hosted the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, considered the greatest World’s Fair in history! This once-in-a-lifetime event lured millions of visitors and ushered in American optimism during an era marked by financial panic, social turmoil, and technological and scientific advances. Created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus coming to America; the Fair celebrated cultural and industrial progress. Now, 120 years later, re-live the phenomenon in the exhibition Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair, at The Field Museum. Explore archival photos and large-scale projections that transport you through time to experience the Fair’s
size and grandeur. Examine exotic entries from the original exhibits, including a full-sized model of a giant squid, an odd double coconut, and a meteorite so feared it was kept chained in a dungeon! Through digital technology, you’ll learn to play one of the Museum’s most treasured artifacts, the Indonesian gamelan, an ensemble of musical instruments featured in performances at the Fair’s Javanese Village. Peer beneath the wrappings of a Peruvian mummy, one of the Exposition’s most mysterious marvels. The exhibit will feature many items which have rarely, or never, been displayed publicly since they wowed fairgoers more than a century ago. Following our visit to the Field Museum we will have lunch at a Hyde Park eatery, Piccolo Mondo. Enjoy a family style Italian luncheon at this neighborhood favorite located in a historic landmark building. This afternoon will
include retracing sites and locations of significance during the fair with renowned Chicago architecture guide, Bill Hinchliff. Learn about the genius architect, Daniel Burnham, City Planner, who created some of Chicago’s architectural masterpieces. Take a closer look at the “Golden Lady” Statue of the Republic, walk to the Wooded Island and reconnect to the “White City”. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair. Recommended reading: “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson.
Date: Tuesday, May 6
Time: 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Where: IVCC Parking Lot, #4
Course: HLR-8310-405
Fee: $129


Wednesday, June 25
Includes: Motor coach transportation, tour Longrove Chocolate Factory, stop at Norton’s American store, lunch at Chessie’s of Barrington, tour Sanfilippo Estate, all tips, gratuities and snacks.

Delight your senses in Lake County! Experience the wonders of decadent chocolate with this look behind the scenes into the world of Long Grove Confectionary. Gather under the antique stained-glass dome and learn about the origins of the Mangel families’ dream of pairing flowers and chocolate together, and their history with Buffalo Grove. Watch the action on the production line and the process that creates some of the best chocolate around. See the ten “edible works of art” including a Monet and Seurat made entirely out of chocolate. At the end of our tour you will have some time to visit the outlet store featuring a variety of chocolate delights! Our next stop is Norton’s USA. This unique general store carries only quality American made goods housed in a historic old livery barn. Enjoy lunch at Chessie’s Restaurant, a well-known Barrington dining establishment. This historic eatery encompasses the original Barrington Depot and train car. This afternoon we will tour Sanfilippo Estate and the breath-taking Place de la Musique. This 44,000 square foot residence features opulent details of the French Second Empire and houses the world’s finest collection of automatic musical instruments including early Edison and Victrola Phonographs, Barrel Organs, Disk Players, Violin Machines and Nickelodeons.
Tour the American Orchestrion Room, the Arcade Room with its mutoscopes, penny arcade game and enjoy a concert on the world’s largest theatre pipe organ; an 80 rank, 8,000 pipe, 1927 Wurlitzer in an auditorium built exclusively for this instrument. The tour continues to the Carousel Pavilion featuring the Eden Palais Carousel featuring an 89’ wide and 42’ tall carved façade with life-sized carving horses and giant art class butterflies. A sight to behold, 36 hand-carved horses, and four ornate rocking gondolas rotate spectacularly to the sounds of an 89 key Gavioli Band Organ. This will truly be a one of a kind delight for the senses!
Date: Wednesday, June 25
Time: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: IVCC Parking Lot, #4
Course: HLR-8311-406
Fee: $127