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Online Career Programs

Ed2Go is the country’s largest and most successful provider of online career training programs. These open enrollment, instructor-led programs are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire entry-level positions for many occupations. Instructors are involved in the student’s online learning experience. Each program has a set of lessons and tests; grades are a combination of computer-graded tests and the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s work.

Additional information and demos are available at www.careertraining/ed2go.com/ivcc.

Cost of books and materials are included in the tuition fee.

To register, contact the Continuing Education Center at (815) 224-0427.
REFUND POLICY for Ed2Go Online Classes:
There will be NO refunds granted once Ed2Go provides the student with an access code. There will be NO exceptions.

Human Resource Professional [120 Hours]
Are you seeking a career in a high-demand field with great opportunities for advancement? In this program, you'll master all the skills you need to gain an entry-level position in the field of human resources. In addition, this program will prepare you to take the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification exam. Explore everything from the basics of HR to specific areas such as planning and strategy, human resource laws, hiring disciplines, and labor relations. You'll also obtain a manual of HR documents you'll be able to use for years to come. By the time you're done, you'll be fully
prepared to begin your career in this exciting and challenging field. Note: To take this certification exam, you must have a bachelor's or master's degree in a business-related field or have at least four years of experience in the HR field. Course fee does not include national exam.
Course number: CPD-5109 Course fee: $1,795

Professional Bookkeeping with Quickbooks 2013 [140 Hours]
Prepare for a career in the high-demand field of bookkeeping and accounting, as you master QuickBooks 2013, the leading financial software tool for small businesses. Even with no bookkeeping experience, you can prepare to do professional bookkeeping for a small business with this course. This online program teaches you to plan a budget, manage payroll systems, and manage accounting. It also makes you aware of the legal standards that apply to accounting methods, giving you the proper credentials you need to practice bookkeeping with confidence. The cost of the program includes the textbook Bookkeeping Made Simple and QuickBooks 2013 software.
Course number: CPD-5106 Course fee: $1,995

Payroll Practice and Management [80 Hours]
Payroll is one of the fastest-changing career fields in the business  world today. Constant fluctuation in government rules and regulations make it difficult to keep up. The Payroll Practice and Management Online Training Program will teach you all facets of payroll, from the basics to the complexity of fringe benefits, taxation, and garnishments. If you're new to the field, you'll acquire solid skills and knowledge of payroll rules and regulations. If you have payroll experience, this program will refresh your skills, keep you up-to-date with regulations, and provide a thorough review for the Certified Payroll Professional test given by the American Payroll Association.
Course fee does NOT include National Exam.
Course Number: CPD-5102 Course fee: $1,795

iPhone/ iPad (iOS) Application Developer [200 Hours]
Companies and organizations, both small and large, are looking for new ways to attract current and prospective users of their products, services, and information. These businesses are using iPhone and iPad applications to increase their customer interaction. Additionally, iOS applications bring media and entertainment into the hands of iPhone users who enjoy listening to music, watching videos, and participating in invigorating gaming experiences. Create compelling iPhone and iPad apps with this course, and gain the credentials that will expand your opportunities for employment and set you
apart from others competing in the industry. You will build your own application that you can showcase in your portfolio and demonstrate to potential employers. Learn the essentials you need to create iOS apps, and build marketable experience.
Course number: CPD-5306 Course fee: $1,995

Video Game Design and Development [500 Hours]
Video game design and development is challenging, but the rewards are worth it. With this unparalleled comprehensive training program, you’ll master skills that open doors to the growing video game industry. Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this program offers you the opportunity to learn how to effectively implement game ideas. The curriculum is divided into eight modules covering five major areas of study: programming languages, mathematics skills, 3D graphics pipeline programming, real-time game engine architectures, and artificial intelligence
algorithms. Developing and managing the complex environments for games and related visualization applications is a challenging task, but with the right training and professional guidance, the challenge becomes much less daunting.
Course number: CPD-5301 Course fee: $1,995


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