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Real Estate Broker 30-Hour Post License Class
This course completes the 30 hours of post-training needed by newly licensed brokers prior to their first license renewal in Illinois. The course provides 15 hours of instructor led reviews related to license law, risk management, financing and closing transactions, etc. It also provides 15 hours of interactive and practical application exercises.
Wed 6:30-9:30 p.m. Jan 22-Apr 2 10 Sessions
Tom E-324, IVCC CEU-8307-301 $299

SEO Essentials
Are you building a brand new site or want to modify an existing one? Learn the vital components necessary for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Examine how it works and why it is critical for your website and your business to be found by your customers. No technical skills required.
Wed 6-8 p.m. Feb 5 1 Session
Ted Parisot Rm 101, CEX-9535-632 $55
Ottawa Center
Mon 6-8 p.m. Mar 24 1 Session
Ted Parisot Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9535-303 $55
IVCC-East Campus

Creating Effective & Dynamic Business Presentations
The ability to create and deliver effective presentations is a valuable skill in the business world. Learn to focus your ideas, highlight your main points, sharpen your delivery, confidently interface with your audience, and even discover your “personal” style of speaking. Participants will work on both individual and group exercises culminating in the delivery of a short mock presentation to the class. CEU: .3
Tue 6-9 p.m. Feb 11 1 Session
Pamela Klarup CTC-216,IVCC CEU-7601-302 $59

Content is King [Get More Out of Your Website]
Our world is in a current state of information overload. Cover the dos and don'ts of website content. Learn to improve lead generation and get a return on investment. Shift your focus and make your content king. Start to unlock the true potential of the web and make your site stand out among the rest.
Wed 6-8 p.m. Feb 12 1 Session
AJ Hauser Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9533-302 $55
IVCC-East Campus

Starting a Business
Overview of how to begin the planning & analysis process of opening  your own business. This seminar is intended for those not yet in business.Tue 6-8 p.m. Feb 18 1 Session
Bev Malooley Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9508-302 $35
IVCC-East Campus

Leadership Strategies for Business Success
One of life’s greatest satisfactions is discovering and developing  our personal abilities to the fullest extent. But first we must determine exactly where we stand in order to learn how far we have to go, while motivating others along the way. This class will teach you how to increase your potential and help you develop your human relations and leadership skills. Learn the ability to lead, direct, and motivate others in a positive manner. CEU: .6
Tue/Thu 6-9 p.m. Feb 18-20 2 Sessions
Jerry Reynolds E-324, IVCC CEU-8111-302 $119

Financing Your New/Existing Business
Before you meet with a lender, attend this seminar to gain insight into what loan officers wish all their clients knew before their first meeting. Learn from a panel of local business lenders who will share the keys to financing your business.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Feb 25 1 Session
Financial Experts Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9532-302 $35
IVCC-East Campus

Mission Possible: Editing and Proofreading Your Own Writing
How many times have you heard people say it’s impossible to proofread your own work? And as for editing, who can remember all those rules? Based on the premise that writing is a process (pre-writing, composing, and editing/proofreading), this session will help you master the last task of the process. We’ll look at the most common sentence structure and punctuation errors to watch for. Most of the session will be devoted to actual practice with samples provided by the instructor. CEU: .3
Mon 6-9 p.m. Mar 3 1 Session
Dr. Marydale CTC-124, IVCC CEU-7620-303 $39

Advanced Business Plan
Now that you have an idea for a business; it is time to begin putting together a business plan with financial projections. Develop the basic foundation for organizing and writing a comprehensive business plan as well as preparing revenue and expense projections. Learn why it is an important tool for long-range planning, submitting financial proposals, and developing strategies.
Tue 6-9 p.m. Mar 4 1 Session
Bev Malooley Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9538-303 $90
IVCC-East Campus

Sell Your Treasures on ETSY
Attention all artists and vintage lovers, the hottest way to sell your artwork or vintage items is online at Etsy.com. This class is for firsttime sellers and it will teach you the ins and outs of opening an Etsy shop. Pick up tips on photographing your items, writing effective item descriptions, integrating with social media sites, and simple ways to optimize search engine results.
Tue 6-9 p.m. Mar 4 1 Session
Pamela Klarup CTC-215, IVCC CEX-4611-303 $39

Creating an E-Friendly Newletters for Your Business
It’s a new year, now is the time to develop new customers and retain the current ones. We will teach you methods on how to do this and help you obtain new ideas for your 2014 e-newsletters.
Thu 6-8 p.m. Feb 20 1 Session
Gina Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9534-302 $45
Czubachowski IVCC-East Campus

Managing Social Media for Small Business
Enhance your understanding of the internet as a critical marketing tool and learn how to maximize your business goals. Create an internet presence that gets your business found and tools to evaluate and manage your social media platforms.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Mar 18 1 Session
Gina Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9530-303 $45
Czubachowski IVCC-East Campus

Facebook for Business Marketing
This course will help you use Facebook and content marketing to drive traffic to your website and generate awareness for your business. Learn how to grow your business and increase engagement through this social media site. CEU: .3
Tue 6-9 p.m. Mar 18 1 Session
Ted Parisot CTC-216, IVCC CEU-4609-303 $89

Sales Techniques That Work
The world revolves around sales and what a competitive world that is! This class discusses the most effective ways to propose your product and services from start to finish. Learn personal techniques on how to deliver a presentation, the importance of listening to your customer, and knowing which questions to ask in order to close the deal. CEU: .6
Tue/Thu 6-9 p.m. Mar 18-20 2 Sessions
Jerry Reynolds CTC-123, IVCC CEU-7903-303 $119

LinkedIn for Professionals
LinkedIn is an online networking site that allows you to make connections with other professionals in the work force and has become a cyberspace “must” for everyone currently working or looking for work. In this session, learn how to drive new business and grow your professional network. CEU: .3
Wed 6-9 p.m. Mar 19 1 Session
Ted Parisot E-320, IVCC CEU-4614-303 $89

Facebook for Realtors
Facebook pages are quickly becoming an essential part of online marketing. Learn how to increase leads and grow your personal brand as a realtor. CEU: .3
Thu 6-9 p.m. Mar 20 1 Session
Ted CTC-216, IVCC CEU-4618-303 $89

Strategic Planning Made Easy For Your Small Business
Knowing where your business is going and keeping it on track takes groundwork. Strategic planning involves defining a mission, establishing goals and objectives, and creating strategies to attain those goals and objectives. Learn how to develop business strategies and take them from plan to action.
Wed 6-8 p.m. Mar 26 1 Session
Tim Seevers Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9539-303 $55
IVCC-East Campus

Great Customer Service
Learn how to find, attract and keep customers. Set your business apart.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Apr 1 1 Session
Bev Malooley Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9518-304 $45
IVCC-East Campus

Business Research 101
Access a wealth of free industry & market data to provide a competitive edge for your business. We recommend you schedule a free one-on-one for your specific business.
Wed 6-8 p.m. Apr 9 1 Session
Gina Rm 101, Bldg. H, CEX-9536-304 $35
Czubachowski IVCC-East Campus